Video Background ( without Paid Extension ) Login Screen

Hi, friends, I am sharing something …
is a " Video Background " without using paid extensions …

You can create login screens, movie trailers, and even game backgrounds with this guide

Blocks :

First we have to create a basic layout. As in the image I used the VerticalArrangemet1 component as the main background. Then add the first AddOverlay component just below the Layout Overlay, I added the video player as a second layer in the same way (AddOverlay). After that I added a third layer. I use VerticalArrangement2. You can customize this third layer according to your tastes and needs. You can add anything to this third layer.

for videos you can use offline or online videos … it would be better if you use cache so that playback loads faster. :fire:

Preview :

include extension :
• Overlay Layout by Deeph0st
• Phase by Shreyash

Test Apk :
VideoBackground.apk (5.3 MB)

.aia :
VideoBackground.aia (120.3 KB)

I hope you guys like it …
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This is not what you call a guide.
See these examples.

Try including images screenshots, explain codes, show blocks etc


so which category is the right one?

The category is right but add few block images and tell the process of making the app.


okay… thanks bruh

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Keep it up BR0.

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Thank You Br0ow

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can anyone give me this (Overlay Layout by Deeph0st) extension please

:+1: nice…

@Asraful_Islam download aia and extension is there or you can download from deeph0st web or gplay

when i copy and past video from google drive then error 701 showing in the app

Then try this

Video player error 701 not playing videos from assets - #5 by drpeterramsis2007

Yes i also have this error 701

I face a error in this that audio is playing but video is not playing

as per me this error is continued with VideoPlayer component also so i think it is problem with Kodular

Hello, something is not working, I have already made your template that is on Youtube (simpler) and downloaded the other one from your app like this one! The problem I’m having with the two templates is that I can’t get the layer 3 transparency, can you help with this part? Congratulations on the template, hug from Brazil!

Why does RUNTIME ERROR come?

If you are using the given aia in the first post you will need to update phase extension

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share your block code

after kodular update 1.5.0 that is causing extension or component to be problematic… i will update aia

When I copy& paste link from g drive, 701 error is coming! also from youtube!
plz help asap