Wash your hands

This tutorial was inspired by this topic

Thank you @catoweisberg :+1:

I made my own Wash your hands app.

For the graphics i used these images. The designer send me a svg version on my request.


I used the song from here

The general advise is to wash your hands between 20 seconds to 60 seconds. My advise is to do it for 60 seconds.

This is in no way a medical app. For the proper instructions on how to wash your hands look here

These are the blocks i made

When you press the START button you cycle through a list of strings and a set of images with the help of a clock.

The song happy birthday start playing after pressing the button. This is often advised to listen to or sing it twice because that woudl be the time you should use to wash your hands.

After you run the app you see this

After the app runs 1 cycle = 60 seconds the app stops.

I used the Keep Screen On feature so the screen won’t get black.

If you want to play with it yourself here is the aia.

washyourhands.aia (309.9 KB)

This is a video that @Ken showed me with the proper handwashing technic.

And please stay safe.


If you want corona/covid related images for your apps, that are in the public domain, you can take a look here


Great guide as always, Peter!
I was thinking of making a similar app a few weeks ago but never got around to it. Perhaps someone here might be interested in turning this idea into an app…

The goal is to let the user prevent touching anything after they’ve washed their hands. In all the apps I’ve seen so far, the user has to touch their phone’s screen to close the app and then put their device away (maybe in their pocket). Phones are usually contaminated, and touching them after washing hands undoes any sanitisation.
What if the user could open the app, start the 20s timer, and put the phone in their pockets immediately? The player component could be used alongside the phone’s vibrate functionality to give haptic feedback to the user. Once the timer us up, the screen is automatically locked (perhaps using the keyguard component).
It’s an interesting idea to look into…


The songfile is 14 seconds long. So you could also do a loop 4 times is 56 seconds. Or indeed a separate clock that stops and closes everything.

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But where’s the soap? :rofl: :soap: