Web view url and get data from baserow(google drive link pdf)

Hello, I have a problem when showing baserow data as a link from google drive using web url, showing the data on the first page is done normally but when I choose to go to the link it doesn’t show any data

The first screen(Working without problem and getting data normally)



Is the error in choosing the page number and size (call baserow get column)
because when i used aitable the pdf linked google drive show without problem
(Now i cant use airtable because airtable need vpn in my country)

the baserow data base

screen2 (include baserow database + webview url that getting data from first screen)
but not work for me using baserow i think the problem with choose the size and page of baserow block get column

Please can you help me

What exactly the problem Is ?

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After screen2(pdf2( initialize
Not show the google drive url thad add in baserow spreadsheet table
I need to fix this problem
Because i cant use airtable

The problem when this screen initialize

This screen work normally

I hope the problem is, in pdf2 blocks are in order but in pdf1 you are calling all row then calling col but in this event you have added event that is not properly ruled. That is that variable will get value in next step but you called it’s value in previous step it seems so it doesn’t get any value and reutrned null

See the variable total call list.

As per your block, get column will not get any value so screen was empty.

See your logic.

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Can you help me if i send you aia file here of two screen?

Yeap… send it…

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test123.aia (3.4 MB)

This is the file and the pages are PDF1 and PDF2, thank you for your patience :heart: :heart:, tell me where is the error, sorry if I can’t reply as soon as you send a reply because our electricity situation is bad

Here my netwrok will be worst so unable to add 3mb file into project. Maybe some one could help you. Here i am suffering a lot with jio network. takes more than 15 min to upload 100kb image file

Also you are having deep host extension it seems… so …

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Ok thanks
Please anybody help me
This project takes more than 1month and this problem appear before 3 days
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Your problem is row id, in attached photo you have two rows id 4 and 6

So index in list isn’t the same as row id for example

when correct row is used results

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Best call url in screen pdf1 along with Title and Subtitle, save them in a global variable and then send as start value the correct usl, using index like title

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But in this case how will I control the database (should all data have row id 4??) so ​​that the same file will appear when I click on any cardview

Ok i will try now

This was just to show you the problem. Solution is to call column url in PDF1 screen save them in global variable and then

So in PD2 screen all you have to do is

blocks - 2022-03-23T193811.419

and make variable global (url)
and edited when any card view click
now i will try the app
is that right?

edit : sorry in when baserow 2 go column must be index2 not index

After editing the pdf1 and get column
The screen1 cant show anything
Even the dynamic component

test123_2.aia (3.4 MB)

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Great, thank you for everything you did. You deserve appreciation in the kodular community. I learn from you things that I did not know

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