Webview & google map doesn't working

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Show the blocks.
For both, webviewer and CustomWebView.

Are you sure Google Maps work with html?
If so then post the html content.

Google map & webview bug is different. I was facing these two bug in different projects. If you visit google map topic you can understand what’s the bug with google map

What if html present on the site is not working?

That was working in browser. & before kodular update i use it in my projects. It was showing problem in fenix1.5 update

without bootstrap does not show any map.
And yes,Google Maps is working in CustomWebView.

Man what are you saying. My webview doesn’t loading google map. I said bug in google map component. & webview component

Since you tagged me as you tried the extension and CustomWebView is working fine so just think I never replied here.
Because I can’t say anything about WebViewer component.

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