What should we write in place of scroll to position list view

what should we write in the place of

set List_view1. scroll to position to ----

what should we write there
i need to scroll down

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This will scroll to end of list

it goes up

Then set to 1

did you mean

Yes, try and see what the result is

still it goes top i need down

still it goes top i need down

You want like this??

You can increase scrolling speed.

Try like this, add a second clock, set time interval to 300ms and when firebase got value …

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No it should always scroll down not manual automatic scroll needed

Have you tried using a clock component in when msg_sender got value and when timer scroll position ?

I will try it

can u show blocks in full screen on pc

Same approach as mine, only @Still-learning is creating a list from 1 to 50 and not getting list from firebase. When List is created he uses a clock to scroll to position - last item in list


Have you tried it and doesn’t work ?

The logic is, once items are added in list view and saves the length of the list items into an variable (which scrolls down to this length) then enabled the clock, and when clock timers list view scrolls down to last item of the list. Try to imply the same… (wherever you can gets the data’s but this logic will start to work once list items are ready, simple)

thanks for helping but a small issue

it cannot be scrolled up and in every message list goes up and again comes down. please help to solve

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please help

that is list view