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Create dynamic sticker packs for WhatsApp and add pack to WhatsApp using this extension. Make a trending sicker app now


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📝The sticker extension

WhatsApp is one of the widely used social media app and the custom stickers feature is used by many users. Many sticker apps are still trending on PlayStore. Earlier it wasn't possible to create WhatsApp Sticker apps with AppInventor & It's clones. With this extension you can create and add the pack to WhatsApp with apps made with AppInventor , Kodular , Niotron or Casagbic

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Designer Properties

IosAppStoreLink text Opens your app in App Store when more details clicked
AndroidPlayStoreLink text Opens your app in Play Store when more details clicked


😲 How Simple It Is


Number of sticker packs created

returnType : number


Convert image to webp image. WhatsApp stickers needed to be in webp format to work

imagePath text full path to image
saveAs text full path to webp image
quality number wether webp will be lossy or loseless


Return ASD in android >10 and external storage in android <10

returnType : text


Remove a pack by identifier from your app and not WhatsApp

identifier text sticker pack identifier used while creating pack


Update this value to update whatsapp stickers

identifier text
imageDataVersion text


Creates a sticker pack

identifier text a unique identifier for the pack
name text pack name
publisher text
baseDirectory text Extension check for images in ASD and you can mention other paths in ASD where the images are stored
trayImageFile text A png image.This image should be 96x96 pixels and must be less than 50 KB.
publisherEmail text
publisherWebsite text
privacyPolicyWebsite text
licenseAgreementWebsite text
imageDataVersion text
avoidCache boolean false (recomended), if true there won’t be cache for stickers
animatedStickerPack boolean wether the pack contains animated or static stickers


Add sticker to a sticker pack by identifier,
emojis : required, maximum 3

identifier text identifier used to create pack
image text image file name in ASD
emojis list Emojis used to represent the image. List of emojis with minimum 1 and maximum 3emojis


Return a dictionary of pack by identifier

returnType : dictionary

identifier text


Total number of stickers in a pack

returnType : number

identifier text

AddPackToWhatsApp :butter:

Adds the pack to WhatsApp

Note : :warning: This block won’t work in companion

identifier text
packName text Pack aname shows in dialog while adding pack




After sticker pack added successfully


After sticker pack added successfully


After image is converted to webp


After image is converted to webp failed

:family_man_man_boy_boy: The community links

  1. AppInventor
  2. Kodular


Feel free to contact me to for new blocks or for reporting bugs and improvements

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Documentation generated with Getaix

About creating stickers for pack



Stickers on WhatsApp must be legal, authorized, and acceptable. Learn more about acceptable use of WhatsApp services at WhatsApp.

Sticker art and app requirements

We recommend you refer to the FAQ at WhatsApp Help Center - About creating stickers for WhatsApp for complete details on how to properly create your sticker art. This FAQ also contains a sample PSD that demonstrates best practices for composing legible, rich sticker art.

  • A sticker is an image that has a transparent background and can be sent in a
    WhatsApp chat
  • Stickers are organized into “packs”. Your app can contain anywhere from 1 to
    10 packs. Users must explicitly add each pack to WhatsApp one-by-one, so your
    app should list each pack separately and each pack must have its own
    affordance to add it to WhatsApp (do not try to create “add all packs”
  • Sticker packs must contain either static or animated stickers, never a mix of both
  • Each sticker pack must have a minimum of 3 stickers and a maximum of 30
  • Stickers must be exactly 512 x 512 pixels
  • Stickers will render on a variety of backgrounds, white, black, colored, patterned, etc. Test your sticker art on a variety of backgrounds. For this reason, we recommend you add a 8px #FFFFFF stroke to the outside of each sticker. See the sample PSD referenced at WhatsApp Help Center - About creating stickers for WhatsApp for more details.
  • Stickers must be in the WebP format. See the section Converting to WebP below for information on how to create WebP files.
  • Each static sticker must be less than or equal to 100KB and each animated sticker must be less than or equal to 500KB. See the section Tips for Reducing File Size below.
  • Animated stickers must have frames with minimum duration of 8ms. Animation duration should be less than or equal to 10 seconds total.
  • For animated stickers, the first frame should say it all - WhatsApp ends the animation on the first frame after looping so please make sure your first frame is the complete image of your sticker and adjust the sequence of the stickers accordingly so users don’t see a jumpy experience going from the last to first frame. Ex. A sticker that animated “Hi!” should have the first frame show all words “Hi!”.
  • Sticker Picker/Tray Icon
    • Provide an image that will be used to represent your sticker pack in the WhatsApp sticker picker/tray
    • This image should be static and 96 x 96 pixels
    • Max file size of 50KB

Tips for reducing file size

We recommend reducing the size of each of your stickers. For reference, many of the stickers provided within WhatsApp are around 15KB each. The smaller your stickers, the faster they will send and the less data your users will have to spend sending them or downloading your app. Depending on your art and the type of graphics you’ve created, one of these two methods may result in smaller file sizes so we recommend experimenting with both.

  • The first method involves optimizing your PNGs using a PNG optimizer tool. If you’re on MacOS, use https://pngmini.com. We recommend using Median Cut and adjusting the colors bar to reduce the size. If you’re on Windows, use Pngyu to optimize your PNGs. Then, convert them to WebP using the methods described in the Converting to WebP section.
  • The second method involves saving or converting your stickers as WebP while experimenting with the WebP export settings trying to optimize the images. You should try setting the quality of your WebP output to something lower than 100% and experiment with a quality level that gets you the smallest file size possible without noticeable image degradation. Each of the methods described in Converting to WebP for exporting your files to WebP offer ways to control your resolution.

Converting to WebP

Your sticker art must be in the WebP format. We recommend using the tools you’re most comfortable with to draw and compose your art, and converting them to WebP using one of a few different tools:

  • Sketch for Mac lets you export files as WebP. Open your sticker art file in Sketch, select a layer, multiple layers, or an artboard, and select Make Exportable in the bottom right. Pick your format as WebP, select Export, and then select the quality/resolution.
  • Android Studio allows you to convert PNGs to WebP. Simply create a new project in Android Studio, open your PNG and right click on the image and select convert to WebP (https://developer.android.com/studio/write/convert-webp). Make sure you uncheck the box next to “Skip images with transparency/alpha channel” in the export flow.
  • You can install a plugin for Photoshop that converts to WebP. Make sure to uncheck the “Save Metadata” checkbox. Some users have experienced problems with using the webp files generated from Photoshop. If you have problems, we suggest you create PNG files, and use Android Studio to do the conversion.
  • Use cwebp, a command line tool
  • Use squoosh, an online browser tool, by the Google Chrome Labs

:gift: Price Contact for the extension

  • 15 dollars (For paypal and international payments)
  • 900INR (UPI payments)
  • R$ 75 (Brazil only)

Thank you
Jerin Jacob


Amazing Extension :heart_eyes_cat:


Man, I admire you since you made component to image extension. Now with this extension you are just making some of my dreams become true.
If this extension came a year before it would be 1000 times better because there was so much less competition and specially because now the coin of my country is worth half what it was, so 15 dollars now is more or less money enough to pay for my breakfast for a month at least.
But still, i am very glad to see that finally it is possible. I will buy it as soon as possible.


Thank you


I think you are from Brazil, I have updated the pricing.

Thank you

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Nice extension…

WhatsApp will let you create stickers yourself. The function of creating your own stickers will appear in the WhatsApp messenger, Tengrinews.kz reports with reference to gizmochina.com.

The corresponding feature is already available in one of the beta versions. Stickers can be created from images available to the user. The new function can be accessed by clicking on the paperclip icon, where you will then need to select the “Stickers” item. Then it is enough to select the desired image and send it.

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No doubt this is terrible news for anyone that wants to create a sticker app. But it it is not the end of the world. Whatsapp will be a huge competitor, no doubt, but many users will continue to use apps for that because the app can have packages with stickers made by the developer or by others users. No doubt if I want to make a sticker of a funny photo of my sister I will use whatsapp, but if I want the best romantic stickers I will still search for another app.

Hi there @Jerin_Jacob , I would like to suggest you one thing.

I have been reading about whatsapp stickers the last few days, specially about converting files to .webp and there are many options to convert files to webp but I didn’t find any viable tool that allow me to implement the conversion in my app. To make myself clear: There are many ways for a person easily convert a .jpeg file to .png but I couldn’t find a way to implement this to the users of my app yet.

Most of the tools have easy to use APIs that allow about 1000 free conversions each month and then charge at least 1 cent for each conversion. Doesn’t look so much but if my app get 10 thousands active users - which is not much for this kind of app - and each user make 10 conversions every month, it will mean 100.000 conversions, which would cost me about 1 thousand dollars. Even if the app has a lot of ads it is difficult to imagine being possible to pay this much. Even if only 10% of the users make conversions, it would mean a hundred dollars every month… What I mean is, your extension is opening a big door, but there is still a huge door in front of anyone that wants to allow the user to convert the images to webp within the app.

But one of the tools to convert images to .webp that you mentioned in your main post, https://squoosh.app/ is an open source project.
Not only that, but the conversion is done at user’s device, so if this project source was used in your extension it would allow anyone that use it to create stickers faster - since it won’t need internet connection to convert the jpeg or png images to .webp - and without spending money with paid APIs that charge much more than would be possible for someone with an sticker maker app to pay.

I don’t know if it is difficult to implement this in a Kodular extension, but I suggest you to add this possibility in your extension, or to create another extension that can do this. I would gladly buy it.

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Yes, WhatsApp is still testing it & it’s only available in WhatsApp web and not officially announced about it’s availability in Android or iOS .

Yes its possible, Android does provide an option to convert png/jpeg to webp.
I will look into that.

Thank you
Jerin Jacob

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Version 1.2 released

Thank You
Jerin Jacob


Muthe Poli :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Wow, it was a lot faster than I expected.
I almost with all the money to buy it. I guess until the end of he week I can get the extension.
One more time, congratulations and a lot of thanks for this great extension

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