Which ad service should i use

which should I use ad mob google, ad manager or something else?
how to get approved for my app?

is Admob will removed in the future?

According to Me , After research and collecting Information I Have Figured out that In Today’s time you should go for unity ads as i am too using it
You Will Get Ecpm of almost 1$ or may be more In India.

You May Be Thinking Why Unity Ads ?
So the answer is simple if you will use admob then there is high chance of getting ads limit beacuse of its strict rules & policy.

And Second Reason Is I have read somewhere it might be get removed in future and its alternate Google Ad Manager Will be there.

If you have approved at least one app from kodular to shows ads then i will surely suggest you to go for Google Ad Manager. If not then to show ads of google ad manager you should have at least one app approved, and if you are thinking to approve now then it will take more time to get approve and don’t know how much time does it will take ( mine its almost 2 Weeks but not get approval) So one more reason you should go for Unity Ads.

And Also if you want to use Facebook Ads then you have to wait for it . Beacause of Mediation.

And You cannot use Start App Ads beacuse its removed by play store programme policy.

And Now In Remaining Ads Network , I Got Unity Ads Best So I Recommending to use unity ads :sweat_smile:

Its just a suggestion.

Correct Me If i am wrong Somewhere :sweat_smile: but its just my opinion and suggestion

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Ok i will Definitely look forward to unity ads, but I have 2 more questions

  1. how I will get paid by unity via bank transfer or PayPal cuz i am student under 18 so i don’t have PayPal
  • i have debit card (rupay), bank transfer, And UPI to get payment
  1. we don’t need to get approved for unity ads -really?
  • how to get unity ads account , can you tell me…


You can Create By going their website search google Unity Ads Network

For More Information And Full tutorial you can search on youtube there a lot of videos on its with full guide and Setup

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there is lots of confusing things in site sdks ,api and all that
can you send direct link which you used

See this Video you will understand everything

kodular showed me this

If you publish it on Playstore then it will Go automatically

After publishing it the real ads will come and it will disappear completely

Or Send for review to kodular if you don’t wanna publish it on Playstore

ok to publish i just have to export into apk/aab and publish to playstore
that’s it !!!

i have to publish it from any other kodular method

and do it will chard commission ?

Yaa That’s Correct

when i use unity interstitial ads app is getting crash do you know why