Will My app Approve?

So I am creating an app Like this

Will it approve for monetization?.
If No then how can i make an app to give UC to users
I am doing this Because Some people can’t afford enough money to buy UC.
So they can get uc through this app.
1)I will not Put Unlimited ads
2)No task like watching ads or so
3)Will add some basic games(Which can be made through kodular)
4)Daily Login rewards
5) Quizzes & Spins

This is what I am saying I am not forcing users To Watch ads. & Also I have content in my app like games. User will play games & get coins coins through game and can redeem those with UC in PUBG
There will be basic Ads no extra ads will be used.
Like if I don’t add coins system users can still use app for games & Quizzes purpose.
So tell me will it get approve or not??

Whether till my Experience,
if you create the similar app and publish to PlayStore, For the first time you will surely get approval of PlayStore and AdMob, but after few days your AdMob account can be banned or this app will be suspended from AdMob, So i suggest you don’t use AdMob if you create this types of app.

Nanday Das

by seeing the first point neither kodular nor play store will approve your app also with that ur ads account will be suspended

Wait Whats wrong in it?
I said I will not do that
I will NOT add unlimited Ads.

So to get approved i need To Put unlimited ads?

Simple answer to this question is no

1)Why my admob will suspended i mean i’ll only put less ads which we usually put in most apps.
2) Most others Platforms Don’t Give enough earning
1)Facbook ads (Need to upload App On Playstore but currently don’t have plan: however to get admob approval will publish this app on Samsung Store)
2)Unity Ads(Very less Fill rate)
Don’t have much knowledge about other Ad networks if you can suggest any

I think you didn’t Read my first Point correctly.
This what i said in first Points i will not do that.