Admob (interestatial) ads misbehaving

Hello. I have created a app in my kodular account. But the interestitial ads are not showing as I want show them . They are appearing at a time when I try to close the apps. When I click the notifier to exit the app all the ads are showing all together . Everything is okay but still the problem is causing. Please take a look .
akash_jora_megh.aia (902.4 KB)

My app link:

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Show your blocks where you’re loading ads.

As I can see, you’re loading Ads on back press. So what’s wrong?

Your app will be suspended soon

And, Why? :thinking:

I will suggest unpublish your app now.

But, @teamadmire01 @himalayanxtiger Why? :thinking: What’s wrong in it?

Hi @sabrinaabedin1081 , Nothing to worry. Even though ads are loading all together, but app working smoothly and not affecting normal flow of app.

NOTE: You may get a warning alert from Google saying that your Ads are launching unexpectedly. But, not to worry, you’ll have 30 days to solve that problem.

Your app not gonna suspended, for sure.

I checked your aia and apk. I saw in your aia you are not using Amazon ads so why Amazon banner ad also showing along with admob banner ad.

This is Amazon ad

This is admob ad

Anyone know why bcj kodular not take commission from banner.

I would only show Interstitial Ad when you go from menu screen to label screen, otherwise it will be to much ads and result of this uninstallation of your app (believe me, if I were a user of this app it would have uninstalled it before it could go to screen2)

This can be simplified

This one as well
I strongly disrecommend using if then else if, if then else if, if then else if, as it can be simplified

You should use close screen block instead of open another screen


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Sir, can you provide me the Fixed AIA file of this.

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