Admob profit or scam? doubt of veracity

I have an app, which integrates admob and onesignal.
According to onesignal, today 30 new devices were registered, which is the daily average one week after the app was published.
the average use of each session is between 5 and 15 minutes.

therefore, 30 banner impressions would be shown for sure, although taking the time of use it would be several impressions.
The interstitials should also be several.

the admob report concluded today says that there were only 5 impressions of banners and 3 of intertitials
I know that everything is well integrated and I have all the required consent forms.
Total Estimated Income: US$0

This is not a scam.

There is difference between number of sessions and number of impressions.

Impression rate cant be always equal to number of sessions. It depends on requests, impressions, match rate.

Compare your app ad requests and impressions you will get more clarity.

out of 30 new users, it is not possible that only 11 banner requests have been made, knowing that the average use of the app is 10 minutes.

I’m only talking about new users, not counting the existing ones that used the app.
then the expected should be even more

if your users are in europe, then you should add consent form, only of they accept the ads will be shown,

otherwise you can use online databases like Google sheet or Firebase and track the ad loaded, ad showed, ad clicked, etc… events, so you can compare your data with admob data

If the forms were implemented as mentioned, I didn’t want to be so detailed, but obviously I’ll have to integrate a control as I have many doubts about the veracity.
Most of the users in 90% are from Asia

Fillrate should be taken into account. If you have low fillrates, it means that Google can’t find the right ads for your users.

Also, the user can close the app before the ad is displayed.

before the fill rate, a request is executed, regardless of whether or not Google finds a suitable ad.
the value of the request should in no way be so low in relation to active devices.

Yes admob are scan last time i earn 150$ admob close my adsense payment account :sneezing_face::smiling_face_with_tear::rofl:

definitely admob is a scam, it only works for large companies, if you’re lucky they give you a few cents, and when you reach the minimum to withdraw the earnings they block your account, without the right to reply

many people have complained about the sudden blockades with money inside.

is your app is published on supported app stores?

I don’t know exactly what you mean, it’s published on google play

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Perhaps many are not interested in the audit that I am doing, but at this point I can attest that monetizing with Admob in my experience is rubbish and a scam.
On the other hand, the greater the number of users and the permanence in use, the eCPM will drop, so the collection becomes even less.

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another app with Admob!
Perhaps in about 150 years I will be able to afford a month of network services :rofl: :rofl:

I never monetized my apps because I didn’t require it, but it really isn’t worth it in the slightest to annoy the user and lose audience for nothing, the business will always be theirs.
My suggestion is to find another way to generate income.

I have approximately 30/40 new daily users, I show some of Onesignal to add reference statistics

I think facebook ads :thinking: Safe