After struggling with black screens, I figured that many struggle with Kodular :(

Now I figured migration doesn’t work and people recommend staying with MIT App Inventor. I thought the Premium version would be best than any free version :S, which was not the case.

Original post: I migrated from MIT App Inventor to Kodular Premium, hoping it would be better and faster.
It takes too long to generate APKs and is unreliable with the Companion (which also takes a long time). I keep refreshing when it takes more than 30 minutes to generate the QR.

I have already removed font extensions and used imported fonts. I removed all the extensions. Also, I fixed the errors for needing to specify the Android version and added text to the About Screen and all other components’ text boxes. Are there any more tricks that I’m missing? Or is it something to consider when using an AIA from MIT App Inventor?

I have two screens. Basically, Register/Log In with Firebase and the graphical interface. It works perfectly on the MIT App Inventor. I would not want to have to start from scratch in Kodular.

Migration Requires Too Much Patience. The Problem with migration is that These Platforms have no one regulatory body or any Uniformity. Every other Platform wants to be better than the other with some spl. feature. So You must be careful when you migrate your code.
Try Sending your AIA so you can get some help to make it fit for Kodular

Thanks a million. After trying so hard for a week to migrate it, I had tons of frustration, and then after reading the posts, I decided to continue on MIT App Inventor2, at least for this project. Also, Kodular takes too long to compile, and the companion does not work well even with simple apps. Have a lovely week.

As You Wish. Hope you Return to Kodular