Airtable login system

Is there any way to get row number by row data.if can then i can create login system properly with airtabl.

you can use search system like, get all data of row which contains emails of user, then if email written by under for login is in list then get index of that

if you can understand hindi then this video will help you (Tutorial by Techno Wala)

With these blocks you get the data of the row containing today’s date.
You get the row number of a value stored in that row.
You can change the date to whatever you want…


Bro that was not proper sollution.that way we can’t cheak password correct or wrong

then you can use, if user mobile or user name in list ( get user id list with get column block and store in a list) then get cell of password and use index (index in list (list of user id) thing ( mobile no or username) and after cell got match if get value and user entered password is same then login otherwise show error

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Bro plz help me.make a block part

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ok i will send

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Use column names instead of mine like UserName and Password,






This is very insecure, since it stores passwords in plain text.

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thats why you can use cryptography and encode you password text so no one will know which encoding you have used ,

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No, because the source code might be found. You need to hash the password and check the hash.

we are not going to store bank details, just some kind of user app, so i think no one will try to hack this app, LOL, then hash and everything is also hackable, hackers always find a key for every lock,


Bro you r a genius.thank you

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I am creating an advanced blood donation app.there i am gonna use it.

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:lock::scream: Don’t store passwords in plain text! Hash it!


Yes, but many people use the same password for everything. This means that if your app is hacked, it’s possible that users’ other accounts get hacked.

There’s always a possibility. Also it’s surprisingly easy to decompile an APK file, and also to grab an APK file from Google Play.

Yes, but it’s better to have at least some kind of security. Also you have a point with the last part, but that’s why it’s important to pay attention to security.

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Hi Sir @ImranTariq, This works fine, but once I get a delay on my internet/mobile data w/c to check on a column if device ID is already exist, i got no record as a result even if is it existing. Is there any way to do it. Sharing my blocks

you can use network component, for checking internet and use it in initialize, if network is connected then call get column, else show error, and also use when internet connected call get column,


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