Airtable Value Retrieve Problem

Hello everyone!
Now I’m struggling when retrieving data from airtable by “switch” procedure. With my other “switch” procedure it’s work but in this case, the compiler when I “Do it” doesn’t return the same result. It keeps telling me that the list length is 0 while the variable already accepted the value from the airtable, anything seems wrong guys? Thanks in advance!

above is the compiler said, when the blocks above it already received the value

above is the complete block, while I “Do it” the get value there are no warning, so it must be fine

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But use if, then, else if instead of If, then.

It seems like not a problem, this is my other “switch” mechanism on another table in the same spreadsheet and it works just fine

Put the variable switch_materi first before using a get column blocks. sometimes you already run airtable function, then the switch was behind so it sometimes it just doesn’t work…

Screenshot_2021-01-12 Kodular Community(1)

The output still the same :pensive:

I cant go further help since i dont understand what your trying to achieve, please provide more info… but base in the companion error your getting an item [1] in an empty list…

I want to check from the table if there are any “hadir” value in every column on each specific row (the tinyDB already stored the “absen” which is an ID). And the list on the airtable is not an empty list. When I test with “Do it” it seems like it can retrieve the value of every column but can’t stored to each variable

In that case your using the logic block kind of complicated… instead of using direct select list item is not equal to “hadir” …why not use is in list thing list block if any value exist in the list? Once you call data from airtable, were transfering or copying the data from table and stored it in variable list… try to check the list first… using the in list thing block if what your looking value exist then get the index, and youll get the present row from airtable with that value.

Is this wrong? The app seems still struggling on getting the value from the airtable to the variable :disappointed_relieved:

dont use the select item block… just drag the list alone…

Screenshot_2021-01-12 Airtable Value Retrieve Problem(1)

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but how can I check the specific row based on the user ID? :thinking:

here Screenshot_2021-01-12 Kodular Creator

first check if the value your looking in on the list… then if it was on the list then get the index of that value in the list that will serve as the ROW number…

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Um, my application already know the exact row number, I want to check if in the specific column and specific row (by user ID) on the table is containing “hadir” :disappointed_relieved:

then this will help…
Screenshot_2021-01-12 Kodular Creator(1)

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but isn’t that just show if there are “hadir” on the entire column? I want to check on the specific row (which is exactly the same as the user ID). In this case my ID is 1 so I want to check if the “hadir” is on the Materi1, Materi2, Materi3, and Materi4 column

so like on the table on Materi2, there are no “hadir” so the app will erase the “hadir” value of the tinyDB. But considering on the solution you’re provided there are no error, it seems like the app can store the value “hadir” from the airtable to the variable but if I use specific row it seems like it detect there are empty list, now I’m confuse how to solve this

This is a new airtable extension. Maybe you can get the row data first, it’s a jsonarray. You can parse it with dictionary, then check if the data contains some word.
Ps: normally if the value is empty,this column will not exist in the returned data.

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Hmm… I think for you to solve your issue, you can use Kevin Airtable Extension for a better option, since your using airtable looks complicated, i suggest to format your data using a formula provided by Airtable, merge all the column in one column, in this case you will only call one column but your taking all data, your just need to parse everything by blocks and split it in different variable list. For your issue check kevin airtable features

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