All items Data fetch problem from firebase

I want to index Micro jobs prove in daynamic component,

And after index if I click in number 15 tag cardview then again index 15 number tag item from “MICRO PROVES” in recycling cardview item…
This is “MICRO PROVES” items
Milky10.aia (443.9 KB)

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Please stop tagging people.

Ok i stop,
But hi can u help me.?

can you make clear us, what you are expecting?

Its good​:v:, but now one more thing​:slightly_frowning_face: is When i click “Micro jobs” 15 number firebase tag cardview from daynamic list Then again index number 15 tag all items from “MICRO PROVES” showed in recycling list one by one…

i asked, what you are expecting…

  1. showed list in dynamic . On click what you want to show?
  2. In recylcer view what you wanna show?
  3. In ths recycler view you want data from screen init or after clicking the dyna card?

Just wait i give u example


When i click No.15 tag item from daynamic cardview then index
Index all item from " micro proves" No.15 tag one by one just like this

And again when i click 16No. Tag item from daynamic item then again index 16No tag item from “Micro proves” in recycling cardview…
Or other all tag item then dont show…

so in i5 index only this much details only present. So you wanna this item only to view in recycle list right?


and do you want 1575 too???

Yes right n when i click again 16no tag then again do same thing like 15no tag…

1575 dont need. But can u index 1575value in just one instalizing variable

Boro, god bless u. i am sure u got ur wishes one thing in few day’s.

Had work… anyway like this you are expecting? on every click on cardview value will vary

On clicking 15th tag it gives me result like this

Yes nice, and when again i click 16just happend same thing like this he he…

yeah, it will change just test this

Milky10_1.aia (444.7 KB)

Can i test this after today.?
Now my pc is off

yes please… thats why shared…