AndrolexMega [BETA] Browser Needs your help in testing

:slightly_smiling_face: Hi friends, I’m Kumaraswamy and I am building a new project named Androlex [Browser] which the project was started on April 10 and still not finished. I need your help in testing, every day I work on this project for 3 hours, when I Kode, new problems appear and I solve them, there are many which I don’t know still yet. I don’t want to earn from this project, just I want to learn new things. I want your help in testing the app, give reviews about the app and say if there are bugs. You may also learn from it.
This project will my last Browser Project.

Thanks to: -
Phase extension by @Shreyash
Textbox extension by @Taifun
CustomWebView by @vknow360
Search Engine extension by @Mateja
Colin tree List view by “Colin Tree”
Unlimited tab guide by @techcvr
And App by @Kodular

Features: -

  • Lite app
  • Looks good and simple UI
  • Easy Shortcuts
  • Favorites list
  • View page title
  • Download HTML
  • Share Website
  • View page source code
  • Change Search Engine
  • Change Quick tab
  • Unlimited Tabs
  • Restore deleted tab
  • Desktop site
  • Can check if URL or text is entered in the text box

(Some Features are still in Development)
The programming may look simple to you buts it’s not
My Blocks

Beta Test 1

(Only some features may work)

Screenshots: -
Note: - Settings Arrangement is still in construction :building_construction: :construction_worker_man:

Apk download Beta: - AndrolexMegaBeta1.apk (6.5 MB)


I think you meant @Kodular. @KodularCreator is a bot.

Btw, nice UI!


thank you for using the textbox extension
keep up the good work!


Nice ui and good job :ok_hand:

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Thank you for using my extension :slight_smile:


Good job, keep working on it.:+1:


Instead of “Restore previous tab” (last pic) it would be better to write

Tab deleted … UNDO


There are many bugs. Some of them are :point_down:

  1. I opened Google on homescreen and in a new tab I opened test. com. Now I deleted this new tab . Then why it shows me homescreen? It should show me Google webpage

  1. In this there are two issue. If you watch carefully below video you will see that when I tapped the Google icon, then for some seconds test. com page was shows and then after I was redirected to Google page.
    Second issue is that even after marking Google as favourite, it didn’t showed me in favourites. Also when will other option besides favourite would work. As of now there is no effect when I click them

  1. When I clicked on one of the shortcuts, the related page started loading. But I clicked in-app’s back button then it took me to about:blank page instead of home screen. Is it made to work this way? or It should return me to homescreen?

  1. The functioning of desktop site option also doesn’t seem to be proper

  2. When you are loading a webpage indicate the user about the same with progress bar or something similar and disable all the controls like textbox till the page loads. Currently when the user click on any icon from shortcuts or types any address manually, a blank page is shown first with clickable textbox and the after some seconds the page is loaded.

Above are only some bugs from many.


Hi @Xoma
Thank you for using CustomWebView :heart_eyes:

This is the extension’s issue.It loads pages a bit zoomed in desktop mode.


Hi @Vaibhav some issues are known and still under development, I will try to solve all the problems soon, It is difficult to do, I will try my best

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Its not the extension’s issue, desktop site function is not set yet

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I was not talking about the zooming in/out feature. The website doesn’t opens in desktop mode when the same is enable and its opposite also doesn’t seem to work


Maybe but if @Xoma adds desktop feature in his app then he will face this issue:


@Vaibhav you said the favourites is not working, buts its fine, I don’t know why you have this problem.
It’s these labels

When you click on the favourite button its adds the starting capital letter of the website name, when you click the event is performed without any problem, I don’t know why you’re facing that issue

This issue/bug exist.
I have used the extension and my app.


Beta Test 2

So finally some of the Major Issues/Bugs are fixed.

Thanks to : -
@Mateja for advice.
@Vaibhav for finding some of the major bugs as like before.

What’s fixed
–> Some bugs after you delete a tab
–> You can remove favourites by long clicking on the fav labels or by click the favs button.
–> Some blocks modified

(Some features are still under development)

Whats’s New
–> Desktop View
–> Back and forward button are disabled until they can move back or forward

What’s under Development
–> Settings Arrangement
–> Bookmarks Features

Screenshots: -

Apk Download : - AndrolexMegaBeta 2.apk (6.5 MB)

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next beta will be released soon

Beta test 3

What’s new
– > Default browser feature added
– > Now you can adjust the font size of the Webpage
→ View page source code (bug)
→ Share
→ Shows that if the page is secure
→ Download page in HTML (bug)
→ Some animation modified
→ Some favourite list bugs fixed

What’s underdevelopment??

→ Youtube fullscreen will be added :grin:
→ Dynamic webview

Apk: - AndrolexMegaBeta3.apk (6.6 MB)
(Some features are in beta and may not work)

#Made in India
#Make in India

Spoiler Alert :warning:



why :thinking: :thinking: :rofl: :joy:, I am NOT spoiler

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