Any Type of Dynamic Custom ListView for just $6 . Just give me a day to deliver :)

Hello Everyone ,
Im Hitesh K. Yadav from India. Guys i came across various community members that they need various kind of dynamic custom lists connected with firebase or airtable.
Well i use my friend’s custom list extension to create various lists and if anyone need any type of dynamic custom list which is possible on kodular then i can create for them for just 6 dollars ( 350 inr )

I will use my friend @Deep_Host list view extension and other Free extension to create various dynamic lists for you.

Just direct message me the type of custom dynamic list you want and i will make it for you .

6 Dollars and one day is all i need ( Price and time might vary for complicated lists ) to create your custom dynamic list.

Here is a showcase of few of my artwork i did for my clients :

Product List for Ecommerce App like amazon :

Swiggy and Zomato list for food app:

Whatsapp Type of list for texting applications :

Custom list for Leaderboards :

Extensions and aia selling application list :

Offerwall list of applications :

and i will showcase much more lists soon.

Warmly ,
Hitesh K. Yadav


That sounds like a great initiative.
I have a question:
If a user buys a layout, will they be able to change it later? Will it be free of cost or will you be charging money for it? If so, could you please mention the amount here?


Thanks for the appreciation.
If a user buys a layout then i will deliver them the aia file and they can easily change it or edit it. Small changes will be free of cost . I will create the list with single function in such a way that they can easily integrate it in any app . In case they need major changes in list or more upgrades then it might cost a few dollars more.


How to create round image…

Show blocks

either you can create round images manually or cloudinary can do it automatically .

Hello Hitesh Sir I want to know something .I am Making A Education Quiz app .So I want add daily Question from my Mysql Database and show it in a list view But
Its should like a Level like 1 to 10 .If user complete First level they can play second level if he don’t score enough then next bellow level should be locked. Like i want a button in listview .where user can see which level they completed to not .
Somthing like that

yes i can make this kind of list. i got your point of locking and unlocking the levels as well.