Audio is not showing

please help me, I put audio in Kodular but the audio is not showing. can’t scroll, there should be more below it

thank you

Welcome to the community. How big are those mp3 ? Do you see them in Assets Manager ?

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Use Ctrl-- to zoom out, this can work.

no changes in my project

Yeah i see them in assets manager

how many sounds do you like to play at the same time?
in case of only 1 sound, use only one sound component and set the source of the sound before playing



Yes, if the file name is (too) long, the vertical scrollbar is pushed to the right and is therefore not displayed. So shorten the file name.


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yes, however I need to look down (vertical scroll)
thank you

yes i did, thank you

This should be possible using the mouse / scroll wheel.
I have more than 100 audio files in the assets:


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