Button in a card (Material Design)

Good morning,

I’d like to have such a button in a card view component as it can be seen in this picture here (the one with the caption “reserve”).

I know there is an extension but I want my card to look like the one generated with this component (and corner radius set to 30).

Anyone knows how to do this?

Thanks in advance, enjoy your day!

Just set the background color of the button to “None” and then change the text color.


Why don’t you customise the already available cardview component?


@Shreyash Thanks, but I can’t found any option to add buttons :frowning:
@schnleon Thanks, but I want it to look like a button with visual feedback.

What about dragging and dropping a button in the cardview?

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Doesn’t look like a card button
(mainly it is too big and if I change size text is nomore centred)

You need to customize it to make it look like a card button. :wink:

Great idea, but

What about changing font size?

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The space between text and button top/bottom is too big. To make this work and text to be centered font size needs to be 1 pixel :frowning:

It seems you are a beginner.
Anyways, what is the size of your card?

Thanks for trying to help me, but I found a solution :slight_smile:

I added space set to “fill parent”. On the right of it I put a card view with white background and a label with the text the button should have. Then I set the card to full clickable and content botton/top padding to 0.

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Actually I can say this is not your solution, @Shreyash already said that: Change the properties of button for looking like card button.


I did not change how the button looks, I use a small card view for.
But anyway, I won’t patent it.

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