Can I Upload this app to Play Store?

Can anyone please tell me If I can Upload this app in playstore also I Need Real and fare Review about the app…Please Help

Game Khelo.apk (7.8 MB)

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Unable to check app. An update notification stopping me going inside.

please check again it will not create problem anymore

UI looks awesome :+1:

Do you own those gaming websites that you’re using in app?

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Thank you I Tried My Best

No I Have made an Agreement With the company who owns this games.

If you’re in an agreement,

  1. Ask them to take down the ads that is showing before starting any game.
  1. A written permission (from the agency) stating that you can use those websites in your app.

If you can fulfill above two criteria, you can publish it in Google Play. Othewise, no, you’re not allowed to use any thirdparty content.

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I have written agreement but about the ads that is their earning they will not take that down obviously. So can I upload the app if i have the agreement

I have another question left for you! :sweat_smile: Do all these games are free to play or user have to pay?

totally free to play still they can earn real cash by playing this games


You must need to have a written agreement & you can’t monetize your app. Only then you will be able to publish it in Google Play.

what do you mean by monetize? I cant add advertisement?

Right, you can’t.

But the app is mine and also i have proper agreement paper so why can i add advertisement?

Because same content could not be monetized twice! Hope you understand.

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You can upload any app as long as it does not cheat it’s users.

but if i dont monetize with google admob then will it be ok if i use other monetization services like facebook or start app etc…

I will Definitely not cheat my users if they dont try to cheat by hacking the app

My only suggestion for you is to make an agreement asking them to implement your Admob id in their website. The two parties ads would be shown randomly.