Case-Sensitive text box

I am searching Collin Tree List using a Text Box. But the text box seems Case-Sensitive. Any way to make it Non-Case-Sensitive?

You can use the downcase block from Text Category and downcase everything in the list view and everything in the textbox

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Why should I down case everything on list? That’s why I want it to be non-case-sensitive.

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Then what you can do is to use 2 seperate lists using the intialize global variable. Now use on eof them to set the list view and do the second list in downcase.
Now you just have to check the index of the item in list 2 and set item from list 1 using same index.
Please don’t ask for blocks currently as I am going for tuitions and will come back after 5 hours.
After that I will send you the blocks

Sorry but can you tell us what is ‘non case sensitive’ ?

@vknow360 Text box is currently only able to search if the search keyword starts with a capital word & ends with a small word! The same as I entered data on list item. But what I want is to search the list even with small letter keywords.

I understand what you said. But that would be very hard to manage. I have to enter the entire data on both list view.

You can duplicate blocks

So you want that it will search data either it starts from capital letter or small letter.
Then use either uppercase or lowercase and make all text in one format.

When Btn_search.Click do {
initialize local **searchment** to downcase(TextBox.Text) in[
for each *item* in list get global **list**
If contains **searchment** downcase(*item*) then <do something>

global **list** is the list to initialize listviews

@Robert It works! Thanks.

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