Categories with Grid view component

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I reccomend you to use List View With Image Component

It is far better than gridview

Here’s the documentation


@Akshat_Rana I need categories like this

But using List View With Image Component it shows like:

You can create dynamic cards grid view layout with the help of Dynamic Component Extension by @yusufcihan.

There are many guides for creating this type of grid view using the mentioned extension like the one below

You have to adjust according to your needs.
Also search the community for more such guides…


@Vaibhav but I want to this without Dynamic components.
Is it possible?

But upto what I think, an e-commerce app will not have same number of products everytime. So you will need to adjust your card views programmatically according to the number of products.

And afaik this will be only be possible with dynamic component extension.


No, From Admin panel I will add new products.

But for every new product you will need a new card view in your customer app to display that product. And to this the best option would be creating dynamic component

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@Vaibhav I have used dynamic components for making categories.

But how to do when they click on category it shows products?


Suppose Today in Your Party Wear Category there are 100 Saares
You Made 100 CardViews for them.

Now Suppose Again
Tomorrow you Got 100 More Saares to Update in Your Apps Party Wear Category from your Admin Panel.

Means Now there will be total 200 Saares in your Party Wear Category,
But you Only Made 100 CardViews in First Suppose,
So where these New 100 Saares will go.

You Can’t Do This Without Dynamic Components.
This is what @Vaibhav trying to Explain.


Yes, I have made this categories with dynamic component. But when the click on Party Wear Category It show party wear sarees. So, I need this sarees in new screen. So, how to do?

@ADDYLIN Suppose You Didn’t Read The Whole Topic Only This Post

As i can see there are 7 Categories in Total,
Make 7 Vertical Scroll Arrangements, 1 for Each Category.
Make All of them Visible to False.

if CardView1 Click
then set VSA1 to Visible

elseif CardView2 Click
then set VSA2 to Visible


So in New Screen make 7 VSA all Visible to False.

If on First Screen1 CardView1 Click Open Screen2 with Start Value - CardView1 (CardView2 if CardView2 is Clicked and so on)

So Now on Screen2

if StartValue is CardView1
then make VSA1 visible to True

elseif StartValue is CardView2
then make VSA2 visible to True



@ADDYLIN But, I have used this method.

For making a categories.
Here is the aia of :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:this video.
Dynamic_List.aia (217.5 KB)
Please help me.