Docs and Bugs Fixed

TLDR:Minimal documentation, fix to spinner dropdown not showing selection and dynamic components not resizing.

Hi, Everyone!
I’m new to the whole building blocks thing and i’m having such a hard time with everything, there is no documentation on the blocks, i would love to have the bare minimum, like what goes in and what goes out for all the blocks and fix for some minor bugs like if i call a spinner dropdown, it doesn’t return what was selected, and the dynamic components don’t resize.

English is not my first language and i don’t speak hindi, so i’m lost trying to discover every type of block IO.
I know it’s just one request per topic but i don’t thing “fix this and that bug” is really a request.

Thanks in advance.

i work with the spinner like this way.

Did you call the spinner from other button? with the “call spinner display dropdown” block?
Cause my “selection” variable is empty, if i call for the spinner selection or selection index, they’re also empty

no i dont use the spinner with another button or so. only the spinner itself like my blocks.
Delete the join block, and use only the selection variable.

I did that, with each one of them, always empty.

This is why i never post anything anywhere, someone answer the question with something not even close to what i need and the thread goes dead.

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