Extention import Failed

I can’t upload aix showing this erorr Import Extension Failed!
Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
What i can Do ???

Show the erorr’s screenshot.

You missed to tell what extension you are trying to load.

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That is for us to guess.

Um ok…I think @Midhlaj_am want to import an extension.

Deephost Screen Recorder

No deep host’s extension allowed. He doesn’t reply the user for any of the query related his Extension.

Your mean I can’t import the extention

Why not allowed

Which extension you wanna to import?

It is kodular Bug ? Or The extension Bug ?


It is advisable to not to use deephost extension in the project as the related extension developer is not active in the community and hence the problem related to the extension cannot be solved or remain unsolved

Also, how about using another screen recorder extension instead? :point_down:


When did he release this extension? :thinking:

Oo it’s your extention thank @vknow360 and @Vaibhav

What’s that???


Some builder groups have filtered Kodular word so Kidular has emerged as a workaround :joy:


Maybe a new builder emerged from spelling mistakes


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