Firebase Storage | A Guide for Beginners

Very nice guide!!!

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:blush::blush: Very Good… Keep it up

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You can upload your image directly to the Firebase storage.

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Why are you saving images as texts in Local Storage of Device.
You can directly upload the images to Firebase Storage.

How to retrieve stored data from the firebase storage?

I guess its Image not data, If its data use Firebase Database

You can’t get the Image but you can surely Download it

If you want to get Image, there is an alternative.

  • Upload File
  • Get the URL
  • Store to Firebase Database
  • Get URL whenever you want
  • Set the Image URL to



Hi everyone!
Good job and good guide!
I am an absolute begginer, so i hope your understanding
I think i followed all your indications but i’ve got some problems:
First, once downloaded to my phone i find this message at starting

Second, I uploaded an audio file (.wav) to FB Storage and got the link and put it in Database with its tag, then i’ve coded the blocks: call db get value , when db got value , set player source to value , call player start
i think allthing is done ok, but it isn’t working, because when running the app this is stopped like waiting for the audio file source, so the event when player completed is not raised

Any tip will be warmly appreciated.

Hi @ciagarroq,
Are you using any other services of Firebase except Firebase Storage?
I understand this error is from Firebase Authentication
If you are using many services then try to catch the component using Error Occured Blocks

Hi Chirubot! Thanks for your answer

Besides FS I’m using Realtime Database for tags and values for my app

I don’t understand why Firebase Authentication could be the problem, i’m not using it in my app

I’ll try your tip about Error Occured Blocks,
in the meanwhile i drop her some screencaptures hoping they help to more clarifications:

parejas prop rules FS ubicacion apl3s

Any tip or suggestion or clarification and any claim will be warmly appreciated!

Here is your problem:


Links starting with gs:// are internal only for firebase. You need to capture the correct external link, which should look something like this:<storageAppID>/o/<projectBucket>%2F<filename>?alt=media


So do I need to use the firebase component as well since there isn’t any firebase info to be added to the component?

Yes you can Organic Gary.

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So, just to be clear… I need to have firebase_database and firebase_storage on the same screen?

You can use both of them Organic Gary.

Hi and thanks lot TimAi2!
I’ve tried your solution, but i can’t see if it is right because of this error when starting

Since i am an absolute begginer, i don’t know how to solve the error

All tips will be warmly appreciated!

I guess you are using Firebase Authentication and the issue may be related to Firebase Authentication

Thanks again, Chirubot!

I don’t know enough about Firebase Authentication and so, what is the related matter with my project
I’ve already read some times about your before suggestion, this one → Firebase Authentication - Kodular Docs
but i don’t still know what is the problem and so, what to start to do about :pensive: :thinking:

So, please, any link for absolute begginers with description and examples?
It will be warmly appreciated for me!!

Excellent guide. I liked it and it is well explained.

:blush: :blush:

Thanks Alaqmar for your answer

To Alaqmar and Chirubot and whoever that can help me:

I’m still quite confused, because of i don’t want the users to log in and sign up into my app.
I just want they to open my app and just run it, nothing more…

My problem appeared when i wanted to load my images to Firebase Storage instead the phones of the users. From there, the error messages what i’ve indicated in my messages before.

I’m keeping on answers.