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Popup Menu

Hi everyone,
Today I present a new extension that shows a simple popup menu.




NOTE: The background color of the menu can not be changed. If you want to change the color (Theme) of the menu, this extension will help you Android Theme Extension.


Aix:com.devyb.devybpopupmenu.aix (8.6 KB)

Aia:PopupMenu.aia (10.1 KB)

Apk:PopupMenu.apk (5.1 MB)

Latest Version: 1
Last Updated:2020-06-22T22:00:00Z


how Can the change the pop up background color??

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You need to read properly


No, you can’t control it. The side where it is displayed is automatic, for example, if there is no space above, it will be displayed below and vice versa.

if you have more item, it becomes a scroll (try it and see the results)

No sorry, for now, it’s not possible.


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Keep improving
We are seeing beautiful things from you. Go on, wonderful

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Nice one, It would be good if you add a property for light theme. If possible.

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@Xoma @Yoshi @Maayur .

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Could you add a possibility to add a icon next to the text like material icons or fontawsome icons ?
Nice extension btw !


Extension is not necessary. Kodular has an inbuilt feature for this. You can change color(white or black for light or dark ‘theme’) according to your app’s theme, just by changing the theme option :point_down:



How to open three dot button popup menu to actionbar.aix

can you add icon with text?

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Did you find how you can add icon beside the text?

It’s not possible to add icon for now.


Hi Dev YB,
How can I get Item when I click?

Once I found an custom popup menu library which was able to add menu items in customized way.
You should check that.

Also if I am not wrong then icon field is hidden in PopUp menu class so you can try using reflection.

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Yes, I just checked the internet and I believe it is possible, I’ll try add it soon.

Thanks @vknow360.

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Thank you this is cool

how i set popup menu background colour


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@DevYB, Can I Add Images Next To The Text In The Popup Menu? By the way, it’s a great extension! Keep it up!!!