Hi I am new! and I need help with a app!

Ok so i have an ideia about an app for work in Mobile and TV Box!

It will be like this… when your start have login and password and inside it… it will have some apps like Iptv, Games , Karaoke…

So dont have to make all those apps can be apps that already is there and i have acess… its just like to redirect to this apps inside our app… kinda like this…

Im Sorry for my bad english … anything contact me please!!!

  1. Change the topic category from market place to discuss

  2. At least you try to construct something with your own idea and it gives any error , create a topic.

  3. But do not create topic just with your ideas. It feels that someone have to work for you in your idea. Will it be good?

  4. Please read the guidelines dictated by kodular

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Well but is that what im asking if someone can dev it for me i will pay for it of course!

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I do not think that you will run an existing TV box from your application, you cannot do this with your own application, but if you make an application such as IP TV and your TV supports it, you can mirror your phone screen to TV with bluetooth or wifi

I can do this for you

thank you

I Will try to Redo my Post its like this

It will be an APP to work on Mobile and TVBox,

This APP will have a login and password system where I can block or release the login and password

In this APP there will be 3 apps inside it, one will be IPTV I don’t know if you know more is an Online TV system, another APP will be for old emulator games and the last one will be for Karaoke … so in this case it will be 3 Apps within one

However these 3 apps already exist I will get them in the playstore in .apk but I want them inside our APP so people don’t need to go to the playstore and download and open 1 by 1 you understand?

yes i got it but unfortunately these Kodular io are not possible in

You cannot match a brand’s TV box in Kodular

Besides, I don’t think it’s legal

thank you

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I agree with you. @FIKIR_KUMESI
I really don’t know if this is legal under the law.

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An app that controls a brand’s product in the Play Store wants to make an application

and while the legal one stands in the play store (for example)