How to count users click and count store in airtable

Hello , i just create Visit my website option in sidemenu . now i just want how to count click and store on airtable like if any user click on visit my website then this store in airtable like this-


i tried this but it showed runtime error if anything wrong in this block then suggest me thanks.


Your blocks lack logic.
Row number is a number not a string.:rofl:

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i try with number also still not get it

now views not count

Are you still using this table?

If yes keep in mind that it only has 1 row and in your current blocks you are trying to get the 3rd row (which doesn’t exist) and also the Column Name is called “Clicks”.

yes in past i added name Clicks i already change to views but still not count.

Some rows are empty.Try deleting them.
Do you know what row number is?
That is horizontally list containing data from all columns.
Use 1 as row number.

like this

I think you do not know what row number is.
Do you know what is cell?
A cell is formed by the interaction of a particular row and column.
Set row number to 1 and I am sure that will work.

The only problem I can see here is that the cell which contains the views is empty. If you set it to 0 it should work fine.

i set 0 still not count

What error is showing now?

no error is showing

Then what is the problem.
If no problem then close this topic.

means no error is showing still not count

There is a block when cell updated.Use that.

ya now error show when i set 0

now problem solved i set row number 1 now working like a charm
thanks for your rply and helping me .

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If your problem is fixed mark the solution so others can find it easier.

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