How to make horizontal scroll tag list and pick tag text

How to make horizontal scrol tag list and pick tag tex.

The way YouTube has a category tag. When a category tag is clicked, instead of the same videos and title subtitles, other video titles and subtitles are loaded. In the same way, if the category clicks on it, then the person who has clicked on the category, then I have to get the other category to show its images from Airtable. Hi

are you using dynamic component extension or something else for Horizontal scroll?
or did you create your HSA like this?

Understand that the reason for YouTube is the category tag, as soon as it clicks on it, it will go to the table name of Airtable. And o which is the arrangement in which the image is there from the first to the second category, the category which is not clicked, then the tax of that category will come tomorrow in the table name and the page will be loaded Images of cut Girish will be loaded in its place. Is.

You can use below guide to create tags dynamically from Airtable and customise it according to your requirement. For example using Horizontal scroll arrangement instead of horizontal arrangement. Likewise you can code it to get the text of particular tag when it is clicked.
You can use this guide as a base and customise it in all the possible ways you can think of.


You can use below extension to create tags and do something after you get the index position of clicked tag