How to run linux commands in Kodular?

I use the console component with the blocks “call console.execute in: “date -r /mnt/sdcard/MyFile.txt”” and “when console. GotOutput then: set label.text to get output”. The label always returns to an empty string.
It can’t do this and any other linux shell command without root permission.
Is there any other way to run a linux shell command or I made something wrong in the kode?

Use the shell component.

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Nope, you cannot, it’s not a Linux emulator, you can only run basic ADB shell commands with it.

Found Juan Antonio’s linux shell extension:!msg/mitappinventortest/zzW_HW7WLXQ/nAAxHktJCwAJ

There’s already a component in the Experimental Category.


But as I said it isn’t working correctly, I don’t know why.

If you would listen to anyone…

It seems like [strike] the get output event corrected, [/strike] highher Android version supports it, now it is working with many commands. Yes, use the shell component.

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