How to sort airtable data

Hello all, I want to know if somebody can help me get the data sorted recieved via airtable component ?

This May Help you !

Call Blocks Get Column Or Cell As per your requirement.


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You wasted my 20 minutes and 41 seconds bro. The video you posted has nothing to do with sorting data. This is very basic of airtable. And I know much more about airtable. I need sorting method if it is possible with airtable component. Advance users please help me with this. I want to mention here that I already know how to sort using API. I need an easy solution using airtable component.

You should be happy that someone is trying to help you. Sometimes you get an answer that is not what you expected but still someone wanted to help you. Changes are that if you are this unthankful for any help, users won’t help you at all anymore. I for one think this way.


To sort Data for each coloum You may need to Use Separate Component for each coloumn

okay But :arrow_heading_down:

No where in post you Mentioned to sort data. Don’t think we don’t know but youmay need thento mention your problem in detail.

you just mention to get data from airtable not sort.

I think no one is Advance or Basic in knowladge. Any ways thanks for insulting.


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I have clearly written that I want to get airtable data sorted. You didn’t read it completely. That’s why I said that you wasted my time. You posted video without reading the question.

I have not insulted anyone bro. By advance Users I mean those people who know coding also and have knowledge about how api works. Those people who develops extensions, Makers of components.

How to sort pls tell me

use listview extension by appybuilder to sort your data according to alphabet

It’s not time waste, watching this video would have taught you something either small or big which will help you in future

hi, how can i do that? can you show me a example? blocks? thanks

This can be useful to more than one

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Just what I was looking for, thank you

Yes, yes . You are right.

Hello everyone in this topic. I created the topic and now I have the solution for this. Solution is a bit complex but if you badly want sorting in your app , you gonna do this.

So the solution is API . You can get data from airtable in sorted manner if you make an API request. Result will be sorted data but in json format. you have to handle that json for getting the actual data you want.

To get URL use this : CodePen - Airtable API Encoder

Airtable provides this facility to get your data in sorted form . I think Kodular makers can easily add this feature in Airtable spreadsheet component because Airtable API allows this. I request to kodular makers @Diego to add this feature.!


"Airtable provides this facility to get your data in sorted form . I think Kodular makers can easily add this feature in Airtable spreadsheet component because Airtable API allows this. I request to kodular makers @Diego to add this feature.!

I support this proposal. I think it would be very useful for different projects.

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I am trying to use the example you indicate and return an authentication error. I have reviewed the API documentation of AIrtable and it gives me the following example
-H “Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY”

which I can not understand. Because I do not have much PHP knowledge I have tried to make changes by deducting other examples that do work. In the URL that indicates “
-H “Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY” I have replaced
-H “Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY” “for”? Api_key = YOUR_API_KEY "(without quotes and my API) and I still have the same authentication error. Does anyone know how to raise it?
Thank you

Yeah sure, I updated the solution. Now its also shows how to include api key in request.

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it works correctly, now it is necessary to debug the received data

I’ve been trying to filter the data I need for two days and I do not get it. I have tried several ways that I have read in various forums and I have not achieved anything. I’m going crazy!!
When I request the data I receive the following:

records":[{“id”:“recnLTOu2BdqnYWLc”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“250”,“Rango”:“3”,“User”:“er menda”},“createdTime”:“2019-01-28T14:47:31.000Z”},{“id”:“recBs8fsIZTtPGsJ3”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“15”,“Rango”:“1”,“User”:“hhhjjj”},“createdTime”:“2019-01-28T14:47:31.000Z”},{“id”:“recngru3NsAuX6OkM”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“13”,“Rango”:“1”,“User”:“g jjnjj”},“createdTime”:“2019-02-02T23:44:54.000Z”},{“id”:“reced1QOuHSbL2zUi”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“1”,“Rango”:“1”,“User”:“domi”},“createdTime”:“2019-01-28T14:47:31.000Z”},{“id”:“rec1K0N0zeGYo0kZ1”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“1”,“Rango”:“1”,“User”:“domi”},“createdTime”:“2019-02-03T00:01:21.000Z”},{“id”:“recubLaQEoaXCfvAM”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“1”,“Rango”:“2”,“User”:“domingo”},“createdTime”:“2019-02-06T20:07:56.000Z”},{“id”:“recVrRDSIW56MjaXF”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“1”,“Rango”:“2”,“User”:“domingo 2”},“createdTime”:“2019-02-07T00:22:09.000Z”},{“id”:“rec0ykO56N9QSOz6U”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“0”,“Rango”:“0”,“User”:“0”},“createdTime”:“2019-02-02T23:45:13.000Z”},{“id”:“recuItoGkJspKcubF”,“fields”:{“Puntos”:“0”,“Rango”:“0”,“User”:“0”},“createdTime”:“2019-02-06T18:51:40.000Z”}]}

I pass it through the DecodeJson text filter and it comes back to me:

records , (createdTime 2019-01-28T14:47:31.000Z) (fields ((Puntos 250) (Rango 3) (User er menda))) (id recnLTOu2BdqnYWLc)) (( createdTime 2019-01-28T14:47:31.000Z) (fields ((Puntos 15) (Rango 1) (User hhhjjj))) (id recBs8fsIZTtPGsJ3)) ((createdTime 2019-02-02T23:44:54.000Z) (fields (( Puntos 13) (Rango 1) (User g jjnjj))) (id recngru3NsAuX6OkM)) ((createdTime 2019-01-28T14:47:31.000Z) (fields (( Puntos 1) (Rango 1) (User domi))) (id reced1QOuHSbL2zUi)) ((createdTime 2019-02-03T00:01:21.000Z) (fields (( Puntos 1) (Rango 1) (User domi))) (id rec1K0N0zeGYo0kZ1)) ((createdTime 2019-02-06T20:07:56.000Z) (fields (( Puntos 1) (Rango 2) (User domingo))) (id recubLaQEoaXCfvAM)) ((createdTime 2019-02-07T00:22:09.000Z) (fields ((Puntos 1) (Rango 2) (User domingo 2))) (id recVrRDSIW56MjaXF)) , createdTime 2019-02-02T23:45:13.000Z) (fields ((Puntos 0) (Rango 0) (User 0))) (id rec0ykO56N9QSOz6U)) ((createdTime 2019-02-06T18:51:40.000Z) (fields ((Puntos 0) (Rango 0) (User 0))) (id recuItoGkJspKcubF)))))

I try to add it to a list, but everything interprets it as a unique value, so I find it very difficult to extract information. I try to “Look up for pairs”, but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do. The data I need are points, rank and user, in case someone can help me.

I found the solution to my problem in this post thanks to @Abhijith, in case someone needs it.

hello can you please tell me how did you solve the error , i am having that authorization error, idk where to put that api key…