I am getting such Problems with CustomWebViewer

I am getting such problems with the CustomWebViewer, I have listed all the problems please help me to solve them…

1) Redirect Domain to Https

If anyone search the domain only ( google.com ) & will automatically redirected to https:// or http:// in my browser app.

2) A Download Management

How to create a Download List, Where the users will get the all download history can also delete and manage the downloads. Like…

3) How to Download Files from Dynamic Links.

How can the CustomWebViewer download files from Dynamic Links.

Normal Link: https://www.example.com/sample.pdf

Dynamic Link: https://www.example.com/sample/download or https://www.example.com/sample?action=download

4) A default screen for the new user

Suppose, I have 2 Screens. First one = Screen1, Second one = Screen2. So I want something that, New Downloaded user will see the Screen2 for the First time after that they will always see the Screen1 & Already downloaded users will see the Screen1 always.

If anyone know the solutions then Please help me?

Use tinydb

Usually dynamic links request new window to open

Again use tinydb

If textbox doesn’t contain https:// then use join block


Can You please give a guide or any aia for this problems???

I have this blocks…

What can I do in this now???

All the green blocks are same… in such case why don’t you create one procedure and move all the green blocks into procedure and put procedure block alone in both places…

Also in both places green blocks conditions are same then why do add like that??? :confused:

Yes Yes, I know? I will do that later? there’s something in my mind so Now I am not doing this.

Could You me Help me in this Problems Above???

Already dora mam suggested all those things.

  1. After putting text in textbox and user will hit button for search know, in that block , when user clicks the button just use contains text block. If it not contains https:// then just use join block. However user will put without https only to 99.99%

  2. When users successfully downloaded save the details such date, name and all in tiny db. Then use dynamic component extension to show just like what you have shared in the image

  3. Already plenty of guide is there to extract text from download link in our community

  4. When first time users successfully downloaded then save this detail also in tinydb and recall in screen initi

I understood what you are saying, but look at my blocks, If I make a condition like yours there’s may be problems…

Now, User types https://www.example.com then it automatically redirects to the Website. But if the User types only example.com then it redirects to example.com - Google Search. So Basically I want something that will redirect domains & urls to the website & Keywords ( Without https or http ) to Direct Search.

You can use that “.” As a reference.

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That’s why we suggest to use join block

When button 1 click,
If not contains text (text box text) piece (https://)
Set text box text to join https://+text box text
set text box text to text box text

Screenshot (2)

I have tested this, I think its working… Check this more and see what happens

You didn’t see the blocks properly… i have used not contains

And what will happen if textbox text is https://www.googole.com, checkin text contains . will be true and so the result willl be https://https://www.googole.com

No it will not happened!

There’s an Extension called isUrl, by this url you can define when Line starts with https or http then it will directly visit to the website not the former condition.

Same as www also

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In such a way you can check Is contains https:// & .com

Yes, You are right @Still-learning

Now, Can anyone help me with this???

I don’t have any idea about tinydb, how it works? Nothing, So if You guys can create this system for me and send me the aia. It will be very delightful.

I’m pretty sure that if you search :mag: the community you will find many examples

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I have searched the Community about the download management system like chrome but there’s no genuine & worthy results for that.

I have already build the download system, but I want a place where I can show the recent downloads and the user can easily manage them.