I was working on my project and suddenly app start showing report bug and all my blocks get replace with another blocks

I were workig on my project and nothing i did and when i switch from one screen to another suddenly i get message like report bug and some of my block get replace with unknow blocks. and this only cause my one screen and i cant work again on that screen, i already invested my more time, and below block is not coded by me, i was coded different but suddenly it replace with this noting i did. Please help

this is not my block, suddenly blocks replace with this. and this blocks are very different that what i did

try undo by pressing CTRL + Z
try multiple times

Not solved @devcafeofficial :disappointed:

did you not have backup?

Not, i were going to take after if i done that code, but before this, its happen. and i dont have backup that why i posted

Sorry @Earn_Money_online
dont know wht happened and wht to do now

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Thanks @devcafeofficial yeah, but i get surprised, suddenly this happened nothing i did, i just doing my work. no blocks i has been changes but suddenly i get notified reported bug? and all blocks get replace with this only home screen block is left and now i try to delete all block then it not leting me to do this same error report bug @kodular should take a look on such type of bugs too.and this only happen on main screen on which i am working from 5 days. this is very disappointed. this waste my 5 days

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Try to once right click and click undo…

The question is, do you recognize these blocks at all.

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i think this blocks are from my another project that (Replaced Block)

Nothing happened

Try to check if it was a network issue or something else.

i tried this method too.

I also get issues sometimes the blocks I created will be lost due to not saving it properly.

if this is bcz of internet then its should not replace my hole screen block with and giving such kind of error

Oh then it’s too sad that you lost your 5 days. But don’t loose your hope, try to create an new screen and work on it.

my hole screen block get replaced with another only screen open block is corect

i loos the hope @MOHAMMED_MUSTHAFA.A i were near to complete this project but this happen so sad :disappointed:

I feel so sad, we need to report this issue to Kodular. and this bug should not affect any other person.