I was working on my project and suddenly app start showing report bug and all my blocks get replace with another blocks

i loos the hope @MOHAMMED_MUSTHAFA.A i were near to complete this project but this happen so sad :disappointed:

I feel so sad, we need to report this issue to Kodular. and this bug should not affect any other person.

I know,how hard is to create each screen with perfection. I do watch your tutorials on youtube to get some inspiration. But this is not the time to give up. Just work again but try to keep some back up when you close the kodular tab.

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@Earn_Money_online I think you should contact any Kodular’s moderator. I don’t remember much but
Somebody before has also reported this-like problem and then claimed that he has got his project back after contacting Kodular.

Edit :
I think I have said about this problem

@Earn_Money_online , Report you bug here

thanks @oseamiya i reported to kodular staff.

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Thanks @devcafeofficial for your response

I’ve always loved your Application’s UI. I can understand how much effort you give into your application.

I Hope Kodular have your answer and reply to you soon.

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Hope you get your blocks back. I am one of your UI design’s fan :blush::crossed_fingers:

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this was also happens with me too
you just check you block section one of then block gonna show uh warning just delete that block and that extension and re upload that extension.
hope it works for uh

ps: sry for my bad English

uhhhh!!! My all blocks get replaced suddenly with another when i was working

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I also got the same issue today, I was working on my project suddenly a Popup menu came to report a bug, but God’s grace I didn’t get any issue with the mixing up of blocks.

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Yeah, your very luck guy

is their any solution for this?

Two ways this may have happened.

  • Two sessions of Kodular
  • You pasted all blocks from backpack
  • Frekvent backup
  • Not much from Kodular side
  • Manually delete unwanted blocks from your screen file
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No wont pasted the block from backpack.

This all blocks are different

in my case i did that… i pasted all blocks from backpack…
but know my project is fine

i suggest you to remove all extension that you imported in your project

I think Kodular must fix this. This case means everyone who uses Kodular can have same problem, and this problem is very critical for app developing.

I am feeling little nerves about this and this guy is not first person who got damage. Please fix this critical bug.