Is it is possile to make appclike google meet/zoom video metting app?

is there any extension or some thing to make app like google meet or zoom
in which we can create meetting and other people join by code and we can control mic and speker of them because we are host member can only control there mic ??

Yup sure only logic is needed

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how plz tell me plz i don’t know i can gernate many kodular apps like draw your dream ,all in one socail app ,karmo browser but i don’t know how to gernate app like google meet plz give me tutorial video or else

Wait for couple of hour

i think may be possible
but you can try or research on it :grin:
good luck :+1:

If you are looking for a video calling service/app, then a simple search in community would yield many results like :point_down:


but i don’t want any website i want extension in which there are servaral blocks like make phone lists phonenumber=====
and many more…

paid extension available at

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