is Kodular safe platefom to publish and serv ads on playstore

Why, Most of the plateform Like Kudular shutdown like appybuilder and others, Can i still publish kodular apps on playstore, is this platefom still working, is kodular safe for future development.

Answer :-
Yes Kodular Safe And Not Like Other Distros of AI2(Appinventor) Which Have Less Users Have you Seen Online Users Of Kodular Community Which Is Min :- 30 , Max:- Don’t Know

About Old AI2 Distros:-

Appybuilder :- This Builder Was Originally Devloped By @Hossein But Later Merged With Kodular . This Platform Was Great Before The Release Of Makeroid(Kodular) Even After Release of Kodular It had Good Number of Users

Thunkable :- This Builder Had The Best UI Before Kodular Was Released But When The Creators Interduced X Platform It Way Diffrent From AI2 Distros But The Classic One is Still Alive But deceprated

Kodular:- Kodular was founded the 6 July 2017 by Conor Shipp, Diego Barreiro, Mika, Pavitra Golchha, Sander Jochems, Sivagiri Visakan and Vishwas Adiga. The first public beta became available on the next month. At that time, Kodular features were nearly the same ones as MIT App Inventor ones, and the interface was not changed a lot. Before the Builder Was Called Makeroid But This Name Was Changed Due To It was Relating Android Because AI2 Is Going To Launch iOS This Builder Had Best UI and Least Bugged And an Active Community

Others:- There Are Many Builders Raising But Falling Down Due To Resource and Revenue One of them Was Casgibic and Some Others Other Builders Buut Still Some Builders Are growing For their Productivity One of the is Niotron . Most Of the Creators Of the builder were Suspended or Silenced users of Kodular Community

Appinventor :- This Builder is The Father/Mother of All The Blockly Builder Which Was Built By Two Persons Name respectively Hal and Mark Friedman This Is also Opensource This was First Released in 2007 This Builder is The Mainstream Of all Builders Know Evan is The Head in AI2


For me App Inventor is the mother :grin::wink:


Now See @Peter


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Then what Appinventor is for me ? Maybe my teacher’s mom :grinning: