ItoO - Background Tasks [special] 🥳

ItoO Tasks is a specially built extension (completely different from the old one) that makes such Environment that it would be possible to allow things like Procedures/Variables to be accessed when the App is In Background.


Here are some of the blocks, blocks that arent mentioned are intended for Test only purpose.



Initializes the service that would run after @latency.
Name is the (main) procedure name that will be called.
Of “runWhileActive”, if set to true, service executes even when the App is Active.

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 16.37.52

When called, ends the service, this needs to be used inside the service.

Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 16.42.44

Registers the event name like Button1.Click and the @doCall is the procedure name with the arguments that will be called.

  • Note that, before you use any component here, any of the block of the extension must be called first.


Cancels the service.


Block for periodic jobs, see release 1.2 here.


From this block, you will be able to call a procedure by name, same as initialize block but when the device gets switched on/phone restarted.


A block to remove the boot system set (resets it).


Returns true if the app was/is active when the service was started.

If set to true, the extension will use Alarm Manager API which is more accurate than the default API. This block is for Periodic tasks (InitializePeriodic block).

Use this block when Use Alarm API block property is set to true. This block is to specify the first trigger (in ms) of the periodic table.

An example where the procedure Gets the text from the Web componet and shows it as Notification.



This extension was sponsored by Akku - Battery Manager :partying_face:
Go check that out!


Thanks to @dennis_littawe1542 @Pradevel and others for testing the extension :grin:

xyz.kumaraswamy.itoo.aix (26.7 KB)

[!] Extension is Not open-source
[!] DO NOT ask for just help, I am not going to create all blocks for you.
[!] Research/Try it before you ask “is this possible”
[!] Avoid messaging me, rather create a new topic.



Show notification on boot



Example block to run a procedure and show a notification when the phone is booted/switched on.

Latest Version: [FREE] Background Tasks: Itoo - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community


please tell me what is the uses of this extension

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Here go through the topic.

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Awesome work :+1: :+1:
looking interesting
Does it like background task extension ?

Latency Is Timer in millisecond ?

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Congrats on the public release! Happy to test it.

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Yes, it is the same :blush:

Checkout the topic again guys :partying_face:

It would mean a lot if you could support me


Thankyou for making it free ! I think moderators should split the topic with your orignal background task to avoid confusion

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Can we use if statement in procedures?


Looks like I posted the wrong extension :grimacing:
Edit: Corrected it

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This is really quite amazing, thank you so much! :grinning:


Reading this now I had an idea:
It is very often find people asking stupi*d questions already answered one thousand times or with problems that could be solved without asking help.
Many of these people are just too lazy and decide to find someone to make what they don’t want to. Others are still starting with kodular but they already want to do things that require advanced knowledge.

Don’t you think that it could be possible to charge for help in these cases?
I never saw some thing like this in app inventor world, but I am in a facebook group of Glide users, and there it is normal people “hiring” others to do some things for them or giving a vip support through whatsapp or telegram. Almost always the values paid are low, but in the end of the month it helps the person giving support to pay the bills.
The people that charge for help don’t stop helping in the group for free, but when the person needing help are in a hurry or are lazy that just want to see their problems solved, then a fee is charged and everyone stay happy.

Just an idea. Not only for you but for all the developers and people in general that help in the community but that feel a little pissed when see people demanding full and fast support for things that nobody has obligation to help.


Everyone wants free and immediate help.


Just awesome :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :scream: :scream:

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I Have Tested It And Found Best Extension As I Need But If It’s Work In Loop So It Be Better Then Now ! It’s Running Only One Time

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I Have Tried

But It’s Also Not Working Background In Loop

Simply you cant do that


Is There Any Other Way To Do This

You must be joking. Because what you are doing is just the thing he didn’t want. Read the first post again especially the last passage.

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Good Morning!
Is there any limitation or possibility of conflict?
I did some tests with an example project, with complete success, when replicating the same scenario in another project it simply doesn’t start the service.

Sample blocks only!


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