Kodular Companion Crashes On Connect

Kodular Companion Always Crashes On Connect.

That’s probably an issue with your blocks :thinking: Would you mind showing them ( especially the blocks in the screen initialize event )? Have you used the SideMenu block in the screen initialize event?


Are you using it in puffin browser, if yes? then this also happens with me.

No I Am Using Chrome And It Crashes Always And I Have No Problem In My Blocks.

EDIT: i mean i didn’t put any blocks including the sidemenu in screen initalize

Can you give some more information like when does it started to happen? Is it for your particular project or screen? Or Any other useful information.

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It Happens When I Connect To The Companion And It Just Closes The Companion Then I Have To Connect And It Does The Same Thing.

I was mean that when did this problem started to happen(After any activity you did)?

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I Don’t Remember.

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Post the aia that gives the problem so others can test.

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The App Is A Private App And I Don’t Want To Give Aia File

And This Always Happens To Me Even With New Projects.

Could it be your internet connection or a VPN? I have Genymotion Personal which is an Android Emulator that had problems starting up because of ExpressVPN Being preinstalled on my computer so I uninstalled it and Genymotion now runs as it should.

No i don’t have vpn but i have super fast internet.