Kodular: My Ads Approval is taking so Long to get Approve, Somebody Help me?

Somebody Help Me? My App is Taking so Long I submitted my Request since Last 3 Weeks and 3 Days Ago. Looking Back to my Explanation on What does my Apps Contains, I Explain it properly and I use the English Language (International Language) I’ve Searched if Anyone Know How long does an Ads Approval Gets Approve, and They said 2-10 working Days. Please Help Me. Thank You! Have a Great Day!

Mine was Approved within 2 Days.

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And what is your App ID…

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it’s approved now! Thank You!

Can I ask another Question?

Start a new topic for the another topic please, because if you starts here the another question, the topic before you asked is messed up with another question, So it is better to create a new topic. :relaxed:

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This is not the solution to your query.

I am waiting for 2 months and 1 week.what should I do ? Please suggest

It’s really simple. 99,9% of the apps that have to be approved are garbage. Earning apps, webviewer apps, copyrighted violating apps, fake apps, etc, etc, etc. They are taking all the time. So users should make less garbage, then the process will go faster. But this will probably not change because users want to make easy money so they keep sending and sending and sending the same apps over and over again.


how to see this

The ID of your project can be found at creator.kodular.com


In the “[ID]” section, there is a 16-digit numeric code.

I gets what you mean

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Please help me… Its taking long to approval for my app. App ID : 4883634072846336


Please help me… It’s been 3 weeks and I can’t show my ads yet. App ID : 6267561861709824

Can you help me? 3 week 1 day

My app is published on Google Play and approved by AdMob. But almost 2 weeks have passed, but it is still waiting for your approval.

App ID: 4549332936163328

Hi! I have a kodular app submitted for review more than week ago (it will be two weeks tomorrow), but the expected time was in one week.
I didn’t published it yet in play store.
I would have to know if someone is facing the same problem or if kodular is currently working to aproval these requests.
App ID: #4768285365108736

In future please search the forum before creating a topic. If you had you would know there are dozens of topics about this and some people have been waiting months for approval.

my app is unique in its playstore niche and it’s been more than 1 month since I submitted it for review
1 week and 1500+ installs but without ADS