Kodular Notification

What will that AIA file about be? If you want do something in the background, you can explain it through the blocks to me.

this is my block it’s connected in my firebase

in the past i just put the push notification component to send the notification, i dont use my firebase data to notify, so i dont know what to do now

Not sure what you really want to do, do you want to do like when something (like a number) reaches some point, it should show a notification?

this is my app, i think the firebase data is the only thing can be used to trigger it.

yes, is that possible?

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Yes, that’s possible, I’ll help you with the logic and blocks, we can use the background task extension’s beta release.

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i installed the extension already, what should i do now? :joy:

Look at the docs. :grin:

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is this the way to connect it with firebase?

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i have no idea what to do haha

Hey, I’ll can I help you tommorow?

oh thank you :heart_eyes:

test_firebase_3_1.aia (55.4 KB)

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HI @Xoma can you help me now?

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NotificationListen(3).aia (459.5 KB)

This is a project file containing a code that shows a notification when the firebase data changes, if you can tell me more about it, it would be helpful :grin:

I have this data in firebase and i need a notification if the waterlevel reach a certain level

Hi, first try it with a small testing changing values, you must get some idea before you work fully with the extension.

what is this tho?

Hi Lay, that is a template file linked that you can find it in the asset folder.

Firebase Initialization takes a lot of time to create those blocks, the template contains the commands to directly execute it easily.