Makeroid builder lagging :(

when ever am using makeroid builder it’s doing very legging it’s not running smooth like thunkable. please resolve it


Well if you have a lot of blocks it could cause this issue, if you don’t have a good internet connection it could cause this issue/

It’s marked as a bug!

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Topic name error - it’s not legging but lagging !!

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it’s lagging even if i have only 5 to 10 blocks

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On what device?

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happens to me too, when I set inputs in designer components i feel a little delay

on laptop chrome browser

same here
lagging too much last night i complete my app 90% and I Wake up Next Day And I Start to Complete my App Again(i started from 10 am IST) but Now Still my app is not complete because of makeroid builder is laging too much(now time is 9:00pm IST). please fix that bug.

I have also same issue bro


I use Makeroid with reasonable lag on my tablet.

I still wasn’t able to reproduce this issue…

I use like 10 Chrome tabs at the same time with Makeroid Builder, GitKraken, Visual Studio Code, and two terminals, and I couldn’t detect any lag on Makeroid with projects with more than 1k blocks :confused:
And all of this on my laptop which has a 500GB HDD, 4GBDDR3 + 4GB of RAM, i5 6th Gen up to 2.8Ghz…


Omg… than this is caused via the pc of ours?

in my case its lagging but also some time it show page unresponsive.

Same thing happening with me as well

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I think it comes from your PC, I have a big project on Makeroid (10 screens full of blocks) and I never have lags with Firefox (I have Freeze with chrome)

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I use crome.
ok as you say you use firefox let me try this


yes :slight_smile:
Projects take much longer to open, but I don’t have a lag afterwards with Firefox :slight_smile:

In firefox Also Not working
when use makeroid in fire base with 1000+ block firefox

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I have a lot of block on 10 screen and it works perfectly on Firefox


Builder lagging so much on a project with approximately 2.8k blocks.

But it doesn’t on a project with 1 component and 2 blocks. So the issue is the block count or in another way, the project size.