Math Games - Online Multiplayer

Hello Everyone, Here is my new online multiplayer math game app.

App Name :- Math Game

App Features : It is a math game app where you can play interesting math game which is more than 30+ mode.
Main Feature of the app :- It is also a offline / online multiplayer app.
you can compete with your friends and family in realtime by playing online.

It has a achievement panel also where you can see your achievements and how much you progressed in it.

App Screenshots:-

App Link:-

Used Extensions:- Circular Progress…


Nice application…
It would be great if you listed out the extension you used :wink:

i mentioned it.

i used only 1 extensions.

So nice application also very good ui in your app :heart:

thanks bro…

Good job, i liked.

Good one nice desing

thanks sir,

thanks sir…

very well created.
playing with other player on realtime is very good.

nice job…

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Great Application bro! I loved it! I really want to know how it was made.Was everything created in kodular?

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Yes bro Everything from kodular i used only circular progress bar extension.

If You want then you can buy the AIA of this app…

Very good application! Congratulations! How does multiplayer work?

I used firebase for that…
If you want to know how it works then u may by the AIA.
It will support me also…

And thanks for appreciation bro.:heart::heart::heart:

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Perfect! Nice!

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If Anyone Find Any Problem in it.
Please Let Me Know i will fix it.

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Bro Remove your email it is against the policy and pm me for aia.

Can i ask for the aia

It’s just a post above yours…