Need a little help to solve this problem

i try to upload profile picture in the cloudiary storage. image are uploaded successfully.but my problem is when i get the image link inside my airtable database.when i click the first image link get from cloudinary its get error,and when i click the second link i get the first link image
help me how to do.

how about trying without thumbnail block? use image utilities for edit image (crop or round)

ok let me try

it not working when i uploaded the second image,the second image show the first image and the first image got error.

how to fix it help me

that’s exactly i am trying to do.

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because you have used tiny db to store link, and when you create row, it takes last stored image link not new one and the solution is,


Yes it may be…ok i wil check it

Thank you very much,you are right i put the link in the tiny db so, problem was occured.Now its working… i want to know that is the any component or extension the can reduce the size of the image while uplaoding to my database without lose image quality.

i have tried that but i didn’t found any useful. i have seen an extension but that was resizing image and resize original pic in device too. and not useful.

you can check that.

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ok thanks for your help.

or try this to crop and it will reduce image size,

ok i will.

i made the login system but please help me i want to get the data by using device id …last time you tell me @ImranTariq to make add to the cart system i try this one i want to get the user name user email and user profile and show to label or in the sidemenu…help me please.

first of all use device id instead of ID, because id for many phones or same, use device id.

and then use index in list option, like when user click login, if email text is in list (got list of email) then get cell(cell name like Password) index, index in list thing ( email text) list(email list) and same after goes for name,
also same goes for side menu, like you want name of user with device id, get list of device id and then get cell (Name) list ( device id list)

ok thanks i will try.

@ImranTariq i try many times but i get properly working please make a little example blocks the shows the specific user data buy using device id.please teach me this one i badly need this please.

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