Offer walls extension

Anyone can create a pollfish and theorem reach offer walls extension? I’m willing to buy it

But what will you do after purchasing/downloading extension.
You will not be able to compile your app after using any type of monetization extension.

Does kodular forbidden monetization extension? Is this why keep crashing even using a simple button click to call the offerwall

I think you should read this:

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Perfect Source :+1:

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Enhance is not banned by now


I tried to enhance theorem reach offerwall to my app using button click no other component to test if it work but the app crash and stopped. Only pollfish works

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I appreciate if kodular can make offerwall component such as TheoremReach, Pollfish etc so that kodular users don’t have to use enhance.

Oh, bigger app size :zipper_mouth_face:

I hope not. I think we have enough monetization components already.


I respect your decision. Hope kodular’s don’t ban enhance in the future

Enhance is not banned. And there is no reason to ban enhance.