OTP Problem in my application

Hello Team This side Horizon here and i am having problem in OTP system that is from firebase therefore i need your side help
my code is as following
the problem is that the user mobile number is being saved in my firebase but i am not getting any OTP


if your number already verified you wont be getting OTP. So use anyother number.

Most of the time OTP will be autodetect. So user may not get OTP


but i am deleting the number from firebase authentication option in firebase
please reply

Even you delete it won clear… With another project in firebase you may get OTP


ok thank you let me try i will update what had happened after that

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What is this

and also have you enabled phone verification in firebase and also does your project have json file in assets !!!

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i have done everything and this code was working properly but after 2-3 times entering my number again and again loging in then it is showing argument

Send screen shot

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Means you are asking me to share my firebase information and then someone can see my all the database informatio
But my problem is solved now I was having a little code problem actually I haven’t made the tag where that picture and all the name be saved

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused: Do You think i am a fool i asked the screen shot of the argument which is coming in app

Any ways you Got the solution :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: Have a nice time mate :neutral_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

Hey thanku Aditya for helping but I am having one more problem i will send you the screen shots later actually in my chat screen the last message sent by the other user is fetching again and again

you might have used clock component to fetch

Aditya I need a little help I wanted to fetch the user name phone number and profile image in list view how I can do I am using list view Image and title please help

Was your otp problem solved it not? You want solution for otp or list view with user details.?

Yes my problem is now solved but I need help in listview please help

from where ?

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From firebase

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@Horizon If you are using phone number login/sign up then you can’t get profile picture all other thinks are got from google account got it

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when you store value use this block -

when retrieving the value -


then set username to select list item
list = global info
index = 1
and likewise…

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See If you want to make a list then you can simply ask the user to upload it instead of getting it from firebase authentication as till then you can show a dummy image and also set the title it by getting if from list

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