[PAID] Admob Ads With Mediation - SDK - 22.4.0 🔥

[PAID] AdmobAds Extension : Boost your revenue with mediation

  • Admob lightweight ads extension for you to monetize your apps with many types of ads. It’s also support dynamic views for native ad. It’s uses is very easy. Just put your ad unit ids to show your real ads, also you can show test ads. Simple, easy and very lightweight extension.
  • You’ll get minor sdk updates free once you purchased.
  • This extension don’t take any commission from you.
  • Enabled optimized sdk initialization & ad loading to improve the overall responsiveness of ads.

:handshake: Supported Mediation

  • Facebook (Meta) - Bidding only
  • IronSource
  • Fyber (DT Exchange)
  • AdColony
  • Mintegral
  • Unity Ads
  • AppLovin
  • Vungle
  • Tapjoy
  • Pangle

:v: Multi Component Extension

  • Very simple, just import one aix then you’ll get 8 components into one aix.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Admob Sdk

  • Initialize - Call this method as early as possible after the app launches to reduce latency on the session’s first ad request. If this method is not called, the first ad request automatically initializes the Google Mobile Ads SDK.
  • Ad inspector - Ad inspector is an in-app overlay that enables authorized devices to perform real-time analysis of test ad requests directly within a mobile app.
  • RegisterWebView - Registers a WebView with the Google Mobile Ads SDK to improve in-app ad monetization of ads within this WebView.
  • OpenDebugMenu - Opens the debug menu. Initialize method must be called prior to this function.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Ads Consent Form

  • Later this year, Google will require all publishers serving ads in the EEA and the UK to use a Google-certified consent management platform (CMP). To meet that requirement, you can use any Google-certified CMP, including Google’s consent management solution. If you want to use Google’s consent management solution, the first thing you need to do is create a GDPR-compliant message and implement the UMP SDK.

Demo consent blocks
  • For production:

  • For testing:

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Admob App Open Ad

  • App open ads are served when a user opens or switches back to your app. Why use app open ads? App open ads are specially designed to seamlessly integrate into the app open or app switch context. The unique app open ad layout offers the best user experience for this placement.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Admob Banner Ad

  • Banner ad units display rectangular ads that occupy a portion of an app’s layout. They stay on screen while users are interacting with the app, either anchored at the top or bottom of the screen or inline with content as the user scrolls. Banner ads can refresh automatically after a certain period of time.
  • 8 types of banner ads available and also you can make custom size banner ads.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Admob Interstitial Ad

  • Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that appear in the form of interstitial video, text, rich media, or images. Users can choose to close an interstitial ad after a certain watching period. The length varies from one ad network to another.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Admob Native Ad

  • Native ads allow you to customize the look and feel of the ads that appear in your app. You design the ads from the ground up: how they look, where they’re placed, and how they work within your existing app design.

  • You can design the NativeAdView using XML code like Android Studio.
    Here is a sample of XML file ↓
    :spiral_notepad: AdmobNative.xml | small_template.xml

  • Just you need to upload (.xml) file into builder asset then set the (.xml) file with the extension.
    And populate all views using tags. :tv: (Watch Video)

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Admob Rewarded Ad

  • AdMob rewarded ad units allow you to reward users with in-app items for interacting with video ads, playable ads, and surveys. Get inspired. Learn how an AdMob user boosted their revenue with rewarded ads.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Admob Rewarded Interstitial Ad

  • Rewarded interstitial is a new type of incentivized ad format that allows you to offer rewards, such as coins or extra lives, for ads that appear automatically during natural app transitions. Unlike rewarded ads, users aren’t required to opt-in to view a rewarded interstitial.

Note: Don’t forget to use your own application id in manifest.

:tv: Implementation Guide Video

➤ Release Notes ↷

  • 22.4.0: Ad inspector: Added SDK support for requesting and showing ads requested through Ad Inspector UI. (Note: The ad inspector UI will roll out this feature at a later date, requiring a minimum SDK version of 21.4.0.)
    • Added new `QueryInfo` & `QueryInfoWith` method that takes an ad unit id.
    • Enables initial testing of the Attribution Reporting Beta and Topics Beta privacy-preserving APIs. See the AdMob Privacy Sandbox on Android guide for more information.
  • 22.3.0: Added support for creating adaptive sizes using `AdSize.FULL_WIDTH` as the width. Previously, ad sizes created using `AdSize.FULL_WIDTH` would be treated as `AdSize.SMART_BANNER`.
  • 22.2.0: Deprecated some custom events.
  • 22.1.0: Ad inspector: Enabled ability to trigger ad requests from the ad inspector UI on devices that don't have Google Play services.
  • 22.0.0: This release is a MAJOR version update with several breaking changes.
    • Added XML layout support for native ad. Now you can design native ad using XML code.
    See more notes...
  • 21.5.0: App Open Ads: Deprecated load methods that accept an orientation input parameter and added new methods that don't take an orientation input. The new methods determine the orientation at request time, matching the behavior of other full-screen formats.
    Mediation: Added mediation support for app open ads.
  • 21.4.0: Extend SDK support for showing banner ads and native ads requested through the ad inspector UI.
    Note: The ad inspector UI will roll out this feature at a later date, requiring a minimum SDK version of 21.4.0.
    Added support for the same app key to help you deliver more relevant and personalized ads by using data collected from your apps.
    Official release version for QueryInfo generation.
  • 21.3.0: Added SDK support for requesting and showing ads requested through Ad Inspector UI.
    Note: The Ad Inspector UI will roll out this feature at a later date, requiring a minimum SDK version of 21.3.0.
  • 21.2.0: Added SDK support for exporting ad request logs through Android Sharesheet.
    Note: The Ad Inspector UI will roll out this feature at a later date, requiring a minimum SDK version of 21.2.0.
  • 21.1.0: Added support for ad monetization within WebView.
  • 21.0.0: This release is a MAJOR version update with several breaking changes.
    Google Mobile Ads SDK now requires all apps to be on a minimum Android API level 19 to run.
    Added manifest flags to optimize initialization and ad loading.
    Beta: These APIs are in beta. The return values might change without an SDK release.
    Added support for custom events in ad inspector.

  • :github: GitHub Repository

    Extension specifications:

    :information_source: Size: 1 MB+
    :android: SDK Version: 22.4.0
    :earth_americas: Released On: 24 June 2021 (GMT+06:00)
    :earth_americas: Updated On: 14 September 2023 (GMT+06:00)
    :baby_symbol: GitHub Repository: AdmobAds
    :android: Demo Apk: AdmobAds.apk
    :credit_card: Payment methods: Binance | Crypto | Skrill | Wise | Pyypl | Xoom | Paypal | bKash | JazzCash | UPI

    • If you’re facing any issues, please submit your issues here → Submit Issues


    I’ve been away for some time and probably there’s something I don’t know about these ads extensions. But my question is, How do we know that you or anyone making monetization extensions are not inserting their own ad ids, for example every 2 or 3 ad impressions?
    I’m not saying that anyone is doing it. Just asking if there’s any way to check for that.


    You can verify our source or user can count their impressions

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    Why isn’t this just built into Kodular?! It used to be…

    Hi, it can be possible for other networks but not for admob, Since admob allows apps with only a specific app id in manifest to display ads. (You cant put 2 app ids in manifest too…)

  • Added Consent Form Functions

    great to see you using the new helper blocks successfully… :partying_face:

    can you please tell us something about the price?
    as I have seen, you also removed the price from the App Inventor thread


    its $18.75 price

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    SDK updated to 21.2.0, I’ve already sent the latest extension to my paid users. Knock me if I forgot you!

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    Not yet released by admob and your extension uses sdk 21.2.0 ?

    Did you checked this link? Recently Admob update their SDK to 21.2.0

    Oh, maybe maven repo will take a bit time to index it

    Thanks btw…

    Great extension, it’s working perfectly.
    Thanks for creating such extension.
    :heart: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :+1:

    i bought this but this extension doesn’t work.
    wasted my money

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    ??? do we need to edit the manifest file manually??

    You can take help from me or you can setup your app manually

    can we test the ads without publishing the app or editing the manifest file of the app

    You can show real ad without publishing to store by setup your device id in your Admob dashboard.

    Useless extension only waste of money nothing else don’t recommend to anyone if you want to waste your money then go ahead buy it developer added ecpm floor settings but it’s not working if you set ecpm example $1 but still your ads loaded on optimise ecpm, Kodular Admanager working perfect on optimise ecpm floor then why people need this extension i bought it and it’s Useless for me I’m still using Kodular Admanager components :white_check_mark:


    Thanks for your information. Me and 2 of my friends wanted to buy extention from this guy. If scam then we will not buy.
    We were also looking for eCPM floor setting to be added in Admanager extention. and work as well.

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