[PAID] Layout to Image Extension

Here is my 3rd new extension in this extension we can save any view component in image.png format. now possible to save full scrollview arrangement in png and possible to change background color

example I added 50 cardview in scroll view and save as a image

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Already available as a free.

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Hey hello Nice Extension. There is already a similar free extension available here :point_down:

Can you clarify the difference between your extension and the one quoted above?

Though appreciate your efforts :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear in that extension u cant save scroll view arrangment
But it is possible in this extension devwloper already mention that in 1st post


Yes in my extension it is possible to convert fully scrollview as image

Nice Extension :upside_down_face:
I have changed title to a better and understandable one.


Nice extension.

Title may be like this:

[PAID] Layout to Image Extension

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Great work :heart:
One question
Can we add custom path in order to save image?

u can convert any layout and its view component

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U didn’t get my point
I am asking that after converting a component to image
… Can we save that image in a custom directory in mobile storage??

its save in default storage directory