Playstore App Suspended, Malware

One of my App that was live on Google Play got suddenly Suspended and google mail that I got gives reason as Malware , Check Below

Any Idea??

Do you use apk as publishing format?

Yes, I upload via apk

show the list of extension you have used @ShoaibKashmiri

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Do you make any changes in apk? any reason for choosing apk as publishing format?

These Extensions

no check your import extension then post a screenshot

Just updated my screenshots , check them , And I have no imported extensions


this list pls

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what is the use of your app and how it works on android devices ?

It is an cryptocurrency news app, and shows the price of the cryptocurrency assets, and technical analysis.

did you read the malware policy?

which permissions are there in your manifest?
you can find it out like this

did you create a privacy policy?