Problem Key SHA1


This is the error that the play store presents me
You have submitted an APK signed with a different certificate than your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Your existing APKs were signed using fingerprint certificates:
SHA1: B0: *********************************************: D2: 58: 4C
and the certificates used to sign the submitted APK have the fingerprints:
SHA1: 10: FA: *****************************************: 7E: 32:29

Hmmm… Do you have other apps on the Google Play store already?

Yes,have others 3

Okay, did you also make those in Kodular? Also if you did, was it a different account?

yes, all my apps were made from kodular always using the same account, the fact is that i deleted the old key, and kodular generated another one, and now there is this conflict with the key that is already there in google play with the new key that the kodular gave me

If you can download your .APK of one of your old apps, you might be able to use a tool of some sort to get the keystore

Then upload it to your Kodular Account using the “Overwrite Keystore” button in Settings

I believe you may also be able to get a keystore file from Google Play,

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

If you deleted your keystore and did not back it up, then it’s gone for ever, nor can you extract the keystore from apk, nor can you recreate the same keystore…

Gone for ever.

Seeing @Boban’s reply, I think that your best option would be to get a new Google Play Dev account, and pay another $25 to put your new app on the store. Make sure to backup your keystore, though.

I didn’t lose the key on Google, it was just changed, the question here is that I don’t know how to replace the new one and put the old one in place, I already have the keystore file.
Can you help me?

how to do this?

Hello this becouse u have different keystore. Just contact google to upgrade your keystore .so it will same with your new keystore. U can follow this

do you know how i contact support?

You can follow this

I already followed this, it didn’t take me anywhere.

Its work for me

I has help another user and it work

I have the package, but it is different on google, the key I have on the kodular is different, compared to the registered one, I need to change it, but I don’t know how to do this.
that’s the question here

What you mean the package?
You mean Package name like this “” ? just make same with old package name.
but if because of the difference between sha1 on the old and new keystore then use the instructions above.

Look this , he has same problem like u but it work

I would like to contact support, how do I do this?

Follow this



Then you follow this