Problem Key SHA1

how to do this?

Hello this becouse u have different keystore. Just contact google to upgrade your keystore .so it will same with your new keystore. U can follow this

do you know how i contact support?

You can follow this

I already followed this, it didn’t take me anywhere.

Its work for me

I has help another user and it work

I have the package, but it is different on google, the key I have on the kodular is different, compared to the registered one, I need to change it, but I don’t know how to do this.
that’s the question here

What you mean the package?
You mean Package name like this “” ? just make same with old package name.
but if because of the difference between sha1 on the old and new keystore then use the instructions above.

Look this , he has same problem like u but it work

I would like to contact support, how do I do this?

Follow this



Then you follow this