Project Jigsaw - An experimental, next-gen app builder

It’s goals are

  • simplicity - design and code side by side. no more switching between screens and share more code!
  • flexibility - build complex UIs without extensions. use data and code to build dynamic UIs like how it’s done professionally by developers.
  • cross-platform - built on web tech. it can run anywhere.

Do you think it could be a good tool to build an app? If this gets enough support from the community, I will open source this.

Originally posted on the Kodular discord server. Join #project-jigsaw channel.


Excellent project! You mentioned on Discord that we won’t have extensions on this project. So how will some more advanced needs be met?


Great job… Keep up the good work. :clap:


Great Tool, But Please Include Extension Support.


I think it would be great if it supported extensions addon, it looks like a thunkable but I hope it’s better than thunkable.


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Interesting! So that’s why Kodular isn’t getting updates.


This is what I like about kodular. Staff getting paid from premium but have no interest in fixing issue.
Great Work, Brilliant Ethical Conduct.
Flagging always work, never had any issues with it in 3 years. Nice Job :ok_hand:


Now we understand why Kodular doesn’t receive updates, when they started charging they promised monthly updates, and they didn’t deliver even once. They ruined Kodular with their last update and they don’t take the time to fix it or at least restore the previous version.


I personally don’t see it negatively that you’re trying something new for yourself. Ultimately, it’s enjoyable to start new projects and explore. That’s why I don’t share the same opinion as those hate comments.
Regarding your question: I don’t see any reason to introduce another builder to the market, especially when there are so many similar functioning App Inventor copies. Everyone can claim it’s different from App Inventor, but the core remains the same…

Instead, I would suggest addressing the behind-the-scenes issues and carrying out a Glow-Up for Kodular (again)

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I can’t stop you all from hating… But I am still working on updates as long as I can. Meanwhile, can’t I have some fun and refreshment in the side?


Where can we track the kodular project?

It’s not public.

Please make a Portal for Us to Track the Updates on Github or any other subdomain. Maybe People will stop trolling the staff in the community. It’s very sad that people just troll the staff. I spoke about it

You can join our Discord server. I post frequently there.

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sure thanks

Is project Jigsaw also blocky based?

yes he mentioned

When it’s going to be public? Btw I have purchased kodular premium on 17 December but my creator account is still free and I have to push an update to my app to met target API requirements.

This topic was for a new platform Jigsaw. Please don’t post your Problems here.
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